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How many people realize that the State of Georgia is planning to destroy any evidence of illegal election activity by clearing, reprogramming, and reusing the same voting machines in the upcoming January 5th run-off election?

At least attorney L. Lin Wood does in his latest December 30, 2020, petition to the Supreme Court.


The Georgia Legislature has plenary authority to set the "Times, Places and Manner" of Federal Elections and has clearly set forth the procedures to be followed in verifying the identity of in-person voters as well as mail-in absentee ballot voters.

The Georgia Secretary of State usurped that power by entering into a Settlement Agreement with the Democratic Party earlier this year and issuing an "Official Election Bulletin" that modified the Legislature's clear procedures for verifying the identity of mail-in voters. The effect of the Secretary of State's unauthorized procedure is to treat the class of voters who vote by mail different from the class of voters who vote in-person, like Petitioner. That procedure dilutes the votes of inperson voters by votes from persons whose identities are less likely to verified as required by the legislative scheme.

The Secretary's unconstitutional modifications to the legislative scheme violated Petitioner's Equal Protection rights by infringing on his fundamental right to vote. The Eleventh Circuit has held that Petitioner does not have standing to challenge State action that dilutes his vote and infringes upon his constitutional right to Equal Protection. The questions presented are:

1. Whether the Petitioner/voter has standing to challenge state action based on the predicate act of vote dilution where the underlying wrong infringes upon a voter's right to vote.


WHEREFORE, the Petitioner respectfully request this Honorable Court grant this Emergency Petition Under Rule 20 For Extraordinary Writ Of Mandamus To Vacate the December 28 Judgment of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

Petitioner seeks an emergency order instructing Respondents to halt the January 5, 2021 senatorial runoff election until such time as the Respondents agree to comply with the Georgia Legislature's prescribed election procedures.

Petitioners further request that this Court direct the District Court to order production of all registration data, ballots, envelopes, etc. required to be maintained by Georgia state and federal law, to refrain from wiping or otherwise tampering with the data on all voting machines used in the November 2020 election, and to produce one such machine from each Georgia county for forensic examination by Petitioners' experts. <Source>

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