It is Day + 8, and we are still counting ballots as allegations of voter abound. That is not to say that the amount of any voter fraud discovered will be enough to reverse the election.


The media has anointed Joe Biden as the President-elect without any constitutional or legal basis. With the symbology readily apparent as Biden moves out of the basement to the podium on the world stage.


Speaking in Delaware, “Presumptive President-elect” Joe Biden commented on President Trump’s legitimate refusal to concede the election until the electoral process is complete and verified, “I just think it’s an embarrassment, quite frankly. I think it will not help the president’s legacy.”

No matter the outcome of the election, President Trump’s legacy as one of the nation’s greatest presidents has already been secured. Biden’s legacy will be far more inconsequential and possibly extremely dark if he destroys healthcare, reaffirms international climate accords, does a deal with Iran, and cripples our economy.

The mainstream is likely to continue ignoring the fact that there is nothing to concede as the count is not complete, neither is the re-canvass, and the electors have not even met.

The constitutionally protected media is complicit in destroying our nation.

No matter what the voter fraud investigators may find, the most virulent forms of election interference came from the mainstream media and the billionaire oligarchs who control the major search and social media platforms -- from simply omitting true and relevant news stories, substituting narrative for facts, re-ranking search results, selectively refusing to sell political advertising, or de-platforming dissenting voices and legitimate discussions. It appears that the media has gone from the promotion of a specious hoax involving the so-called Steele dossier and the acceptance and reporting of the merest whisper of rumor to demanding absolute proof of voter fraud before reporting on first-hand, and sometimes sworn, testimony regarding fraud in this latest election. 

Where are the skeptical investigative journalists with the bulldog tenacity to cover legitimate news stories, especially those that will impact America, all Americans, and our exceptional standard of living?

It appears that they are majorly influenced by the corporatists who control their employment and publish their works. Corporatists that not only lean left but who embrace radical chic and the revolution. Full-well knowing that they are mostly immune from the consequences of their actions and utterances – until they aren’t and their vicious guard dog attacks them and their children.

Who will investigate all of those Democrat ballots that lacked down-ballot votes and were cast for Joe Biden? While there are a number of people who do not vote for lesser candidates, it is unlikely that the numbers would exceed statistical norms. Much like the anomaly of unprecedented numbers of individuals (90%+) voting in certain areas.

Who will investigate those grossly improbable media-sponsored polls and their use to enhance fundraising and suppress voter turnout?

Even more important, who will investigate the public health officials and Democrat governors who used false and misleading statistics and media narratives to command illegitimate authority to hobble our economy and introduce last-minute voter schemes susceptible to fraud?

The threat to declassify documents…

Those miscreants who are guilty of collusion with foreign powers, a conspiracy to interfere with presidential elections, and those who are guilty of various and sundry criminal acts are tempering their celebrations, knowing that, in the waning days of the Trump Administration, a rightfully angry Donald Trump could declassify and publish the very documents they have so desperately tried to keep hidden.

Knowing that within those documents might be reputation-ruining revelations that might still lead to an investigation, prosecution, and punishment. These are the same individuals claiming, mostly falsely, that such a document dump would compromise national security by revealing methods and sources. And, it is the sources in which the public is most interested in.

Bottom line…

Without the mainstream media and electronic assistance of the techno-lords, the Biden campaign would have faded into the woodwork. Biden himself being a corrupt individual, but infinitely more likable than Hillary Clinton, would have been a footnote to history as Trump continued his battle against the swamp creatures.

The obvious conclusion: the voting system is not fair, it is virtually un-auditable, and it can and has been rigged -- by those who told us the 2016 Hillary Clinton election was rigged by Donald Trump and the GOP.

The most damning evidence is the statistical improbability of all erroneous voter activity inuring to the benefit of Joe Biden. Granted, there will always be anomalies in elections. But, when they all trend the same way and occur in critical battleground states, then an investigation is warranted and should be demanded. But the most damning point is that none of the mainstream media has aired statistical experts debunking the opposition's claims. If there were skepticism of the methodology or the results, it would have been banner headlines.

And, for those who ask, “why now” do we find massive fraud? I believe that after seeing the progressive media partially cover for Hillary Clinton, it is likely that the Democrats were encouraged and motivated knowing that they could perpetrate a massive fraud this year and count on the mainstream media covering for the Democrats.

Unlikely as it sounds, there is still a glimmer of hope for the man who battled the formidable forces of evil and darkness since the first day of his candidacy. Never, since the days of President Abraham Lincoln, has a man been under such relentless attack.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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