It is Day + 10, and we are still counting ballots as allegations of voter fraud continue to be reported. Again, that is not to say that the amount of any voter fraud discovered will be sufficient to reverse the election or that any Court is willing to provide relief.


Iceberg Biden…

The biggest unanswered question I have about Joe Biden is the degree to which he has been compromised by China and other hostile foreign powers. You know, China who has funneled massive amounts of money to the Biden family and friends. The China that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, impacted our economy, our healthcare, our social customs, and our election by enabling fraud-prone mail ballots.

And then there are the consequences of Biden’s proposed policies on energy, resulting in higher energy costs and a further reduction in the nation’s energy resiliency. On immigration policies that will produce fewer jobs for Americans, especially the poor, ill-educated, and people of color.

Of course, there is wealth redistribution. Or as Mark Levin reminds us: your income represents the combination of your physical and mental work throughout most of your life, so how do you feel about the government taking a portion of those hours of effort (taxes) and giving them to someone else – perhaps someone unwilling to work as hard as you or perhaps someone willing to vote for the politician and their party?

Overnight voter fraud?

For many Republicans, President Trump's quick early-morning demise after an apparently successful evening of vote tallies came as a shock. Sure, Trump had been struggling against a coordinated and hostile mainstream media attack since the day he announced his candidacy. And, there were those Tweets and other pronouncements that seemed angry, ill-advised, or ill-informed, sometimes re-tweeting patently false and misleading information. But the one thing that shocked the conscience was the appearance of overt and covert coordination of the progressive socialist democrats to actually steal an election, not by dribs and drabs, but by massive, statistically detectible vote counts.

To be sure, the pandemic-induced quarantine was a shock to most people, both financially and existentially, as they worried about food, toilet paper, masks, and disinfectants. But it also increased the amount of time one was exposed to hostile mainstream media. Trump existed in the space between two different messages: one, a message of promises kept and achievement, and the other, suppressing a positive narrative in the face of a negative one.

In retrospect, while the eventual election outcome seemed almost inevitable given the forces arrayed against President Trump, real truths were revealed.

(1) The Democrat Party no longer represented the majority of middle-class working individuals living outside of urban areas. It became the Party of the uber-wealthy elites and the upper-middle-class college-educated elites who pandered to the poor and people of color. It didn't seem to matter to some minority voters that decades of governance under Democrats produced little or no gain for either the poor or people of color, often one and the same. The Republicans now, in spite of common perception, represented the middle class, the workers, and the minorities in the 2020 election.

(2)  The Democrat Party was infiltrated by communists who believed that the label "Democratic Socialism" could hide a toxic revolutionary ideology that failed everywhere it had been tried and often enveloped its citizens in misery that required increasing authoritarianism to prevent another revolution.

(3)  Premier government agencies, especially those dealing with intelligence, law enforcement, the affairs of state, and other regulatory agencies, were compromised by political operatives -- by an embedded bureaucracy seeded by the previous Democrat administrations. By a second-rate or self-interested leadership that was not adequately vetted by a rather lazy administration. By the special interests who moved inside the government as advisors since their previous role of lobbyists was denigrated and denied access.

(4)  The mainstream media, usually a constitutionally-protected investigatory bulwark against political and social excesses, was compromised. Where corporate interests destroyed the wall between commerce and editorial, especially in the form of the promotion and protection of their corporate interests -- the people to be damned and distracted by celebrities and tales of the bizarre.

(5)  Many of the "bougie protestors" were white, college-educated bored and disaffected individuals who were led by anonymous activists and agitators whose goal was creating chaos for political purposes—welcomed by the criminal class as an opportunity to loot with a low probability of arrest or being held responsible for their actions.

(6)  What can one say about the local elected officials who praised the unruly mob and ordered law enforcement to "stand down?" Denying the basic protections of life, property, and the general peace to the constituents who elected them for that sole purpose. Especially when you see miscreants like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, whose malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance was rewarded by another four years in office. Mirroring what is happening in the nation, Wheeler was supported by the well-to-do suburban west-siders located away from the months of nightly pandemonium and well-to-do members of the business community.

(7)  We actually discovered the source of systemic racism in our country. Not surprising it was connected to the Democrat Party, the Party of slavery, segregation, oppression, the KKK, and other civil rights atrocities. It is a union-dominated educational system run for the Democrats who want to indoctrinate rather than educate, the unions who collect massive amounts of money and seem to support mostly Democrats, and the special interests who build sub-standard buildings and supply sub-standards goods and services at exorbitant prices. They refuse to implement school choice or the type of hiring and firing standards that would improve education for minorities at failing inner-city schools. The Democrats also hate to impose school discipline as that produces unfavorable statistics relating to minorities in minority-dominated areas.

Bottom line…

Why does it seem like there is a lot of confidence about the upcoming Biden Administration? The foremost reason seems to be the betrayal of the mainstream media and the censorship of the oligarchs that control the social media platforms.

What do the media elites know that we don't. Not a damn thing. Their business model is imploding, and they are in survival mode -- willing to take us down with their sinking ship.

I can't help but wonder, as the America ship of state slowly sinks, how much can I protect?

While almost all of today's politics is bullshit, there are real consequences that will affect our military, our economy, our healthcare, our governance -- and most of all, our daily lives.

When all the news of our future is filtered through the corrupt New York Times, the Washington Post, Facebook, and Twitter, we are so screwed.


-- steve

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