Have you ever wondered why the police are standing outside a store that is being looted?

In California, the answer is simple. It is simply not worth the time and effort to grab a crook.

Due to California Proposition 47 (Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative), which was placed on the November 4, 2014, ballot by the California State Legislature, the classification of most nonviolent property and drug crimes—including theft and fraud for amounts up to $950—was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. Thus, if an individual was caught stealing less than $950, they were simply arrested and released. In some cases, ticketed without arrest.

Ironically, the supporters of this pro-criminal, pro-crime legislation deceptively labeled it as the “The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act.” Of course, George Soros had his part in funding this pro-criminal proposition.

The measure required misdemeanor sentencing instead of felony for the following crimes:

Shoplifting, where the value of property stolen does not exceed $950

Grand theft, where the value of the stolen property does not exceed $950

Receiving stolen property, where the value of the property does not exceed $950

Forgery, where the value of the forged check, bond or bill does not exceed $950

Fraud, where the value of the fraudulent check, draft or order does not exceed $950

Writing a bad check, where the value of the check does not exceed $950

Personal use of most illegal drugs

According to estimates, the initiative would reduce the state's prison population by 13,000 criminals -- to be released into local California communities. And as an added bonus, 10,000 convicted felons could have their felony convictions downgraded to a misdemeanor.


One of the driving forces behind this initiative was the then-San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, who served from 2011 to 2019.

Not so ironically,  Gascón was replaced as the San Francisco District Attorney by Chesa Boudin (2020-present), who was raised by domestic terrorists and former-President Barack Obama’s best friends, Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn, members of the violent and radical communist Weather Underground because his parents, David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, were in prison for robbery and murder. Their crime, a botched heist of an armored vehicle that left two police officers and a Brink's truck guard dead in a New York suburb.

And now…

George Gascón is about to become the newest Los Angeles District Attorney with 53.81% of the vote to replace current District Attorney Jackie Lacey with 46.19% of the -- vote who has already conceded.

Gascón is a major believer in ignoring recidivism in favor of rehabilitation, especially as it concerns addicts and the mentally ill. No friend of the death penalty, Gascón also believes in limitations when it comes to trying juveniles as adults – especially egregious as many gangs use minors as enforcers knowing that they are less likely to face major incarceration or the death penalty. Amazing, considering his long history in law enforcement, including serving as police chief in San Francisco, Mesa, Arizona, and as an assistant chief in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Look for a surge in local low-level crime as Gascón downplays non-violent (property) crime of the sort that is plaguing San Francisco. It is almost as if the majority of progressive socialist democrats in San Francisco believe low-level, non-violent crime is simply a criminal’s day job that is used to support themselves and their families.

It should come as no surprise that billionaire George Soros and Bay Area philanthropist Patty Quillin combined to put millions of dollars behind Gascón. For those who don’t recognize Quillin’s name, her husband is tech mogul and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.  It didn’t matter to Los Angeles voters that Lacey was supported by law enforcement unions up and down the state. Likewise, it should come as no surprise that George Soros also funded Boudin’s San Francisco campaign.

Bottom line…

It appears that the Democrat Party and some of its most prominent funders like George Soros are behind much of the criminal activity in this nation.

California, once a state that respected law and order, has turned toward the dark side where criminals are held in higher regard by the politicians than the victims. This is unheard of – unless you are a progressive socialist democrat. The formerly-Golden State that gave us three-strikes now is giving us unsafe communities and civil insurrection.

We are well and truly screwed.

-- steve

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