It is now Election Day + 7, and both the vote counts and court challenges are ongoing -- with no official President-elect...

The election is not over, and there is nothing to concede to the "move along" mob.


We can no longer trust establishment news sources, no matter which political party is in power…

Perhaps the most important lesson the American public has learned from the 2016-2020 election cycles is that you can trust the mainstream media to give you a narrative instead of the news, the social media platforms censoring that which they do not personally support, and the search engines to interfere with search rankings to further their own censorship.

One can amply illustrate this point with the suppression of the Biden corruption scandal that arose over the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Whereas the media would report even a hint or wisp of scandal relating to President Trump, including the use of the patently false Steele Dossier, they refused to inform the American public prior to the 2020 election that the latest Democrat candidate for the Presidency might be a national security risk and susceptible to blackmail and extortion without concrete proof.

So it might be helpful to review some of our assumptions and core beliefs…

As we have seen, there are great disparities between data and how it is collected, how data is manipulated into information, and how information is presented as conventional or contrarian actionable wisdom. Two old sayings come readily to mind, both proven true over time.

(1)  Many individuals use information like a drunk uses a lamppost, for support rather than illumination. A prime example being a politicized and progressive Dr. Anthony Fauci dishonestly using cases to justify public policy actions instead of accurately informing the public of the true risks involved with the Covid-19 pandemic. You may wish to read, “Dr. Fauci Told the Truth About COVID-19 Tests in July and Has Been Misleading the Public Ever Since.” It’s not about cases, its about hospitalizations, deaths, and the risk profile of co-morbidities. And, it is not about "the science," but which scientists are presented to reveal "the science."

(2)  You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. You can spin the news to promote your candidate or denigrate the opposition, but the character of the individuals have been formed over the years and are unlikely to change. Just because you can stand in a garage, that does not make you a car. Somewhat analgous to, a biological man can put on a dress, but that does not make him a biological woman to all of the scientists in the world.

There is some hope…

No matter how the presidential situation plays out, big changes may be unlikely. You cannot easily overcome bureaucratic inertia with good intentions and a PowerPoint plan. Just as locomotives and large ships cannot be stopped on a dime, there is a certain inertia in government that will continue to resist change and slow down any efforts at rapid change. The trajectory of special interests is immutable and will continue to result in the abuse of power, waste of resources, and outright fraud. Some believe that it is unlikely for legislators to openly craft self-serving or toxic legislation in under two years as they fear for their own cushy jobs, replete with political power, prestige, perks, privileges, and above all, profits for themselves and their special interest friends.

What do the political parties even stand for?

In the pre-Obama era, the Democrats were the party of the working people, all about justice, law and order, social change, and a better standard of living for the poor and the minorities. The Republicans were for social restraint, fiscal conservatism, and law and order. Now, both parties are all about gaining and maintaining political power, looting the Treasury, and selecting candidates on their popularity and ability to raise funds. The Democrats no longer represent the middle-class; they represent the outrageously wealthy and the abysmally poor. However, it is hard to consider someone poor with a flat-screen television, a laptop computer, and a mobile phone. And somewhere in transition, the Republicans have come to represent the working man, minorities, and the middle-class lifestyle. While one party appears more patriotic, both serve themselves before being of service to the nation.

Counter-narrative and projection…

Here is an example of counter-narrative and projection from the First Lady whose husband was one of the most corrupt and divisive Presidents in the history of the United States and whose scandal-mired Administration exceeded that of former President Bill Clinton. To believe anything good about this un-American communist is to close your eyes and to enter the world of fantasyland. Look for the Clintonistas and Obamacons to rush back into the government to further infiltrate the bureaucracy with radical progressive socialist democrats before the 2022 congressional election. Remember, the Democrats always point their finger and accuse the GOP of committing the crimes they are committing. Isn't it amazing that the election fraud they blamed for the Hillary Clinton loss is nowhere to be found when it comes to an apparent Trump loss?


What can you do?

If there was any benefit to the lockdown and severe restrictions on normal activities, it was that a number of habits were broken in one's personal and professional life. A great opportunity for a reset. A chance to reduce meaningless purchases, the accumulation of stuff that continues to distract us from a better living standard, and relief from worrying about that which we cannot change.

Besides, it taught us more about preparedness and building reserves, emergency management of our resources, and the necessity to diversify our income streams with home-based side-hustles. It also brought education to the forefront as we saw, with our own eyes, the misinformation being fed to our children. It put $350 sneakers and $60,000 per year college programs in perspective.

What might happen?

While nobody can accurately predict the future consistently, we know that the norm is change. We have seen the pandemic did not expose new technologies but merely accelerated the development and deployment of existing trajectories.

Bottom line…

Life goes on. There are blue skies somewhere. And, there are the guilty pleasures in which we indulge ourselves.

-- steve

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