Welcome to Day + 25.

Enjoying turkey-bone soup and leftovers. Vote counts and recounts are still happening in California, where Republican David Valadao just flipped a Central Valley seat.


The face of political corruption in Georgia is a Republican one…

Georgia Secretary of State: The responsibilities of the secretary's office include supervising and monitoring elections, providing campaign finance disclosure, and managing and preserving public records.

Proof that Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger knew that Georgia’s previous election processes and systems were deeply flawed is contained within a civil case that reached the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division.

The case, Curling v. Raffensperger (1:17-CV-2989-AT), resulted in an order from District Court Judge Amy Totenberg (Document 579; filed 08/15/19), that noted…

"The Court specifically grants narrowly tailored relief measures to ensure that the GEMS/DRE system is not resorted to as a stopgap default system in the event the Secretary of State and its contractor are unable to fully and properly rollout the new BMD system in time for the 2020 Presidential Preference Primary or any of the ensuing elections.

And it requires that the State Defendants promptly file with the Court all proposed and final audit requirements that the State Elections Board and Secretary of State’s Office considers or approves in connection with elections to be held in 2020 or thereafter. '

Finally, the Court views the significant voter registration database and related ExpressPoll deficiencies and vulnerabilities demonstrated in this case as a major concern both relative to burdening or depriving voters’ ability to actually cast ballots.

The Court therefore requires the State Defendants to develop procedures and take other actions to address the significant deficiencies in the voter registration database and the implementation of the ExpressPoll system.

IT IS SO ORDERED this 15th day of August, 2019."

So, it appears that the man in charge of the elections, Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger knew that Georgia’s past and current voting systems had serious operational and security flaws – and further compromised the system …

Raffensperger authorized the removal of the poll-worker login screen, thus removing the password requirement from a key voting system component known as the “poll book” that confirm a voter’s eligibility to vote and to prevent multiple votes (e.g., absentee and in-person ballots) from being cast by the same person. The poll books possess internet connectivity and are linked together with shorter range Bluetooth systems – both of which can be remotely hacked from a site away from the devices and controlled physical space.

Raffensperger also authorized a last-minute update of approximately 30,000 voting machines, ostensibly to remedy missing Senate candidates, using hundreds of uncontrolled thumb-drives that are capable of injecting malware into the voting systems.

Raffensper could not account for a number of flash drives that went missing and it is unknown if the votes they contained were ever recorded.

And, Raffensperger was the last individual in the responsibility chain concerning voting systems and procedures.

So what are we to conclude when Raffensperger, knowing of serious systemic flaws, declares a Biden victory and rushes the certification process prematurely through the system. 


Georgia’s top elections official on Friday certified election results showing Joe Biden won the presidential election in that state after a hand tally stemming from a mandatory audit affirmed the Democrat’s lead over Republican President Donald Trump.

The final results certified by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had Biden with 2.47 million votes, President Donald Trump with 2.46 million votes and Libertarian Jo Jorgensen with 62,138. That leaves Biden leading by a margin of 12,670 votes, or 0.25%. <Source>

In other news…

I am growing increasingly worried about the Biden/Harris administration as they speak of using social justice and critical race theory to triangulate public policy between healthcare, our economy, and our military. And the increasing role that Obamacons and Clintonistas might play in a Biden administration.

For anyone who does not believe former President Obama is a racist whose actions have divided Americans, they should read his latest self-indulgent autobiography, A Promised Land.

“Since August, Palin had tanked during a number of high-profile media interviews, becoming a punch line on Saturday Night Live and other late-night comedy shows. But her power lay elsewhere. She’d spent the first week of October drawing big crowds and enthusiastically gassing them up with nativist bile. From the stage, she accused me of “palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.” She suggested that I was “not a man who sees America the way you and I see America.” People turned up at rallies wearing T-shirts bearing slogans like PALIN’S PITBULLS and NO COMMUNISTS. The media reported shouts of “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” and “Off with his head!” coming from her audiences. Through Palin, it seemed as if the dark spirits that had long been lurking on the edges of the modern Republican Party—xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories, an antipathy toward Black and brown folks—were finding their way to center stage.”

There is no doubt that Obama’s political career started in the house of two communist domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn. There is no doubt that Obama sat in Reverend Wright’s church and listened to his racist bile for 20+ years. There is no doubt that Obama was a trained Marxist community organizer, much as those who founded Black Lives Matter. Indeed, Obama does not see America as most Americans – one need only review Obama’s “apology tour” to see how he described and disparaged America while abroad. As for paranoid conspiracy theories, consider this next quote.

“With few exceptions, we avoided the open hostilities and constant leaks that had characterized some previous administrations. Without exception, we avoided scandal. I’d made clear at the start of my administration that I’d have zero tolerance for ethical lapses, and people who had a problem with that didn’t join us in the first place.”

I could point to scores of “good government” initiatives we’d introduced, whether it was placing limits on the hiring of former lobbyists, or giving the public access to data from federal agencies, or scouring agency budgets to eliminate waste. All these actions were worthy on their merits, and I was glad we’d taken them; it was one of the reasons we hadn’t had a whiff of scandal around my administration.

It turned out that most of the so-called right-wing conspiracy theories were not only true, but they were often worse than imagined. There is no doubt that the Obama Administration was mired in scandals, many of them far worse than the previous administrations because they included spying on Americans and the subversion and politicization of the nation's premier intelligence, law, and administrative agencies. And if the FBI was correct, plotting to spy on a presidential candidate, subvert an election, and subsequently attempt to remove a sitting president from office. Obama was correct about a whiff of scandal – it was the stench of scandal that rendered Obama’s top nominees smell-blind after a short time in government.

Riots R Us…

Amazing how the Democrats seem to turn “civil disobedience, rioting, looting, and arson on-and-off based on the political climate of the moment. And it seems to be a customary pattern and practice to project their evildoing onto the opposition, full-well-knowing an uncritical media will provide them with cover.

Where are all those “principled” public servants in the Trump Administration?

Where is Attorney General Bill Barr? Why are FBI Director Christopher Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspel still employed? And, what’s happening at the Department of Justice? What is John Durham, the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, doing? Will we ever see a Durham Report?


About that pesky “voter fraud”…

“Sixteen federal prosecutors tapped by leadership at the Justice Department to monitor voting in last week’s presidential election have sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr making clear that they have seen no evidence to substantiate claims that voting tallies have been marred by widespread fraud or other ballot issues, two sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.” <Source>

It really depends on where you decide to look, doesn’t it!!

At least the Israelis respect us: a bomb shelter in Halutza – An Israeli community in the Negev Desert whose citizens are under constant rocket attack from terrorists… 


Bottom line…

Remember, December 14th is the day that the Electoral College convenes to formally choose the next president.

Too many things we cannot control. It's looking more-and-more like a Biden inauguration with the nation agreeing that the election was illegitimate – but taking no actions. Heaven forbid the GOP should take to the streets in the act of civil disobedience. Time for another Tea Party movement and time for a turkey sandwich.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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