It appears that the Drudge Report is no longer an honest aggregator of the important news stories of the day, at least those about President Donald Trump and the Trump Administration. All I see is darkness, doom, and despair…druge-hdr


It appears that the mainstream media and social media platforms are actively suppressing or manipulating any news that is favorable to President Trump or his Administration. Even worse, they justify this dishonest behavior with independent fact-checkers who are often revealed as radical progressive commentators and activists.


Consider the great news about the U.S. economy – see how it is buried among unimportant items and followed by a negative item, “Economy in same place as Great Recession.” Other news sources reported, "The Great American Recovery: Third Quarter GDP Blows Past Expectations." Same economic results. 


Where are the stories about the increasing cognitive decline of candidate Biden or how Biden’s family is deeply engaged in a “pay for play” scheme?

Where is the simple truth that the important Covid-19 metrics are major acute hospital admissions and deaths? And when deaths are mentioned, it is often without context. Cases are irrelevant because more testing equals more cases, and, of course, testing those who are exhibiting systems artificially inflates the positive case count.

Why are Trump’s sarcastic comments or quips at rallies quoted as if they are serious pronouncements?

Why is nobody talking about the effects of a multi-year 24/7 disparagement and disinformation campaign that warped the public’s perceptions of President Trump and his Administration?

Who is asking how the progressive socialist democrats and their mainstream media fellow travelers got so strong? And, what part the establishment – including the never-Trumpers, the Bushies, lobbyists, and the deep state agencies who found their access to power and the U.S. Treasury curtailed by the newcomers?

The truth is uncomfortable to the progressive socialist democrats…

(1) Our enemies have successfully infiltrated the highest levels of the United States Government.

(2) Our intelligence agencies and law enforcement have been corrupted.

(3) Congress is full of comprised of individuals, many of whom are exempted from the consequences of criminal acts and many of whom are truly above the law.

(4) Our nation's true watchdogs, an adversarial mainstream media, has been compromised.

(5)  There are a few sources of information that can be trusted.

What I read…


Dan Bongino, a former New York Police Officer and former top-tier (Presidential Protection Detail) Secret Service Agent, was tired of the negativity and nonsense at the Drudge Report, so he started the Bongino Report. Well worth reading for the news of the day. He has also taken an ownership interest in the YouTube alternative, Rumble, and the Twitter alternative Parler.

Bottom line…

Forget the news – get your ass off the couch, grab a couple of like-minded eligible voters and VOTE. Use your time wisely to prevent a constitutional catastrophe that will destroy our sovereignty, national security, economy, and culture.

-- steve


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