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The first duty of government and sworn officials is to provide for the public safety of its citizens. Resources should be allocated based on public safety (law enforcement and fire protection), the public health (emergency responders and acute health facilities), and critical infrastructure (water, electricity, sanitation, communications) -- and these take precedent over all non-essential government workers and discretionary programs.

Any government that does not provide for the maintenance of general order and the safety and security of its citizens should be judged illegitimate and its elected officials replaced.


Seattle City Council President M. Lorena González

“Earlier today, I voted to override Mayor Durkan’s veto of three bills that were passed by this City Council during our summer budgeting process.

“In the wake of a racial reckoning, a $300 million budget shortfall, a pandemic, a climate crisis, a homelessness crisis, an affordable housing crisis, widening wealth inequities, and a lack of federal leadership, our fundamental duty remains: to balance the City’s budget and meet the needs of Seattle’s most vulnerable residents. On this task, the Charter of our City is unequivocally clear.  In a year unlike any other in living memory, I am proud of the work Council did under the leadership of Budget Chair Mosqueda.

[OCS: Their fundamental duty is not to advance the progressive agenda, but to maintain general order and an umbrella of public safety and security for ALL residents.

Notice the use of progressive socialist democrat issues and rhetoric: racial reckoning, climate crisis, housing crisis, wealth inequities, and the anti-Trump flavor of the moment, “lack of federal leadership.” It should be noted that federal leadership (the President, the Attorney General, and Homeland Security all were rebuffed when they offered assistance.

In a classic case of progressive projection, it is the local leadership that has failed their citizens by their refusal to maintain general order and the safety and security of ALL residents – not those they consider as the “most vulnerable residents.”]

City Council’s budget actions over the summer were a starting place to achieve public safety that truly includes and serves everyone, and I stand by the votes and positions I took then. The modest actions that the Council took over the summer were necessary.

[OCS: Explain to me how a summer of rioting, looting, arson, and the mass destruction of public and private property – and ordering the police to stand-aside – achieves public safety that includes and serves everyone?]

Transforming public safety requires us to begin the process of divesting from carceral systems and investing in real community safety centered on harm reduction for the well-being of all Seattlelites, especially BIPOC community members.

[OCS: The correct way you reduce harm and increase the well-being of residents is to lock criminals up, not give them a ticket, and a day-pass to resume their criminal activities. There is no moral or legal justification for treating BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) individuals any different from any other non-BIPOC individual.]

“It is imperative that our budget makes meaningful community investments to build wealth and security in BIPOC communities; fund a robust community-led participatory budget process; and reduce the size of the police force through out-of-order layoffs and shifts to community-supported public safety programs centered on harm reduction, and a more civilianized E911 response system.

[OCS: It is not a function of a city government to build the wealth of any constituency at the expense of another constituency. When lives are on the line, I do not want community crisis counselors or “touchy-feely” mental health people as my first-responders.] <Source>

[OCS: González is a trial lawyer with a history of suing the police. She was the board president of the state’s leading civil and immigrants rights group, OneAmerica. She chaired the Council’s Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans, and Education committee and served on the Seattle Police Accountability Review Panel in 2007. Her agenda is as one would expect from a progressive socialist democrat pandering to her base.]

Seattle’s priorities: ex-pimps over police…

Seattle hires former pimp as 'street czar' for $150,000 after CHOP fiasco

Seattle is paying an ex-pimp $150,000 a year to act as the city's "street czar" and offer "alternatives to policing" after protests morphed into the no-police-allowed Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.

Activist Andre Taylor is open about his past as a pimp (he appeared in the documentary "American Pimp") and is working with the city of Seattle through his nonprofit, Not This Time. Taylor says he started Not This Time after his brother Che Taylor was killed by Seattle police in 2016.

"Mayor Durkan believes that we have to make deep investments in community – one of the key demands of the Black Lives Matter protests,” Durkan spokesperson Kelsey Nyland told The Seattle Times in a statement.

“In early June, she committed in her 2021 budget a $100 million investment in community," Durkan's spokesperson continued. "Andrè spoke with organizers about how to turn activism and organizing into action at the state, local and federal level, and urged individuals to leave Capitol Hill.”

However, Taylor also encouraged CHOP protesters to ask the city for money before agreeing to leave the occupied zone.

“You gotta get something,” he told protesters in a recorded conversation, according to the Seattle Times. “Let me make that happen for you, and then I can bring that back to you. I don’t know, we’ll ask for $2 million. They might give us $1 million, but let’s ask for it. Because the reason why we’re holding that space is not only for George Floyd but for the millions of George Floyds.” <Source>

Unbelievable – dump the police, hire a former pimp and his associates.

Bottom line…

The Mayor and City Council are now on track to craft legislation to defund the Seattle police department, reducing the police force by 100 officers, cutting the salaries of police commanders, and redirecting millions of dollars to other unspecified public programs.

The budget brouhaha resulted in the resignation of Seattle’s first black police chief, Police Chief Carmen Best, who noted, “I believe 100% that they were putting me in a position destined to fail. Cutting a police department that already had low staffing numbers, that was already struggling to keep up with the demand. How are we going to provide for adequate public safety in that environment?”


With leadership like this, we are screwed.

-- steve

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