Once again, we see the dishonest media, this time the Washington Post, conditioning the political battlefield with scenarios that favor the progressive socialist Democrats…

What’s the worst that could happen?
The election will likely spark violence — and a constitutional crisis

We wanted to know: What’s the worst thing that could happen to our country during the presidential election? President Trump has broken countless norms and ignored countless laws during his time in office, and while my colleagues and I at the Transition Integrity Project didn’t want to lie awake at night contemplating the ways the American experiment could fail, we realized that identifying the most serious risks to our democracy might be the best way to avert a November disaster. So we built a series of war games, sought out some of the most accomplished Republicans, Democrats, civil servants, media experts, pollsters and strategists around, and asked them to imagine what they’d do in a range of election and transition scenarios.

[OCS: I didn’t see the scenario where a cognitively-impaired candidate like Joe Biden suddenly renounces the Presidency or is forced out by the cabinet using the 25th Amendment – leaving America with an unelected, inexperienced, radical, racist socialist who is every bit an empty suit as former President Barack Obama.]

A landslide for Joe Biden resulted in a relatively orderly transfer of power. Every other scenario we looked at involved street-level violence and political crisis.

[OCS: Are they assuming that those who will cause violence in America are the same people rioting in our streets today? The socialist/communist Bernie Bros led by professional agitators and activists? Is this how they are almost guaranteeing a cessation of hostilities? If this is true, we can assume the violence and radicals in the streets are most likely organized, funded, and working on behalf of the Democrats.

One might even assume that this is a not-so-subtle threat to citizens to scare them into voting Democrat. ]

In the “Trump win” scenario, desperate Democrats — stunned by yet another election won by the candidate with fewer votes after credible claims of foreign interference and voter suppression — also sought to send rival slates of electors to Congress.

[OCS: Desperate Democrats? Are these Democrat voters not ordinary Americans, with the same values and patriotism that would keep them off the streets? Why would they be stunned, given the results of the last election?

As for claims of foreign interference, lest we not forget, almost all of the claims of foreign interference in 2016 were ginned-up by the Obama-Clinton team and compromised those intelligence and law enforcement agencies who would most likely be the ones to put forth an “authoritative claim” of domestic or foreign interference based on evidence. But, then again, we saw these same people manipulate evidence and lie to a Court.

As for voter suppression, this has been the claim of every Democrat when the results were not favorable to their candidacy.

And, it is the Democrats that have engaged a cadre of lawyers to mount challenges to votes and voters whenever the count falls behind.]

They even floated the idea of encouraging secessionist movements in California and the Pacific Northwest unless GOP congressional leaders agreed to a series of reforms, including the division of California into five smaller states to ensure better Senate representation of its vast population, and statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico.

[OCS: Whoops, the jig is up. This is a radical progressive socialist Democrat idea to provide them with a perpetual majority and power.]

While both parties appealed to the courts as well as to public opinion, the legal experts in our exercises pointed out that the judicial system might well avoid rendering decisions on the central issues, since courts might see them as fundamentally political, rather than judicial, in nature. Other players noted that there was, in any case, no guarantee that the losing side would accept a ruling from a highly politicized Supreme Court.

[OCS: Legal experts? Are they not aware of the fact that the fight will be fought in Congress and there are set procedures and timelines for handling the electors that will determine the vote. The popular vote means diddly-squat as we saw in the last election.]

National Guard troops line up outside the White House on June 2. President Trump has at times threatened to use the military to quell unrest in American cities. 

[OCS: If the governors – and remember the rioting, looting, and arson is taking place in Democrat-governed cities with the tacit approval of the Democrat leadership – do not use the National Guard, they can be federalized to quell an insurrection, which would certainly be descriptive of organized anarchy and violent civil disobedience.]

But there’s some good news: This kind of exercise doesn’t predict the future. In fact, war-gaming seeks to forecast all the things that could go wrong — precisely to prevent them from happening in real life. And if the Transition Integrity Project’s exercises highlighted various bleak possibilities, they also suggested some ways we might, as a nation, avoid democratic collapse.

[OCS: While this exercise does not predict the future, it does serve as a warning to ordinary Americans that a Trump win is very problematical. Our nation is nowhere near democratic collapse unless you believe the stories told by Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Liar-in-Chief, Representative Adam Schiff.]

The media also has an important role. Responsible outlets can help educate the public about the possibility — indeed, the likelihood — that there won’t be a clear winner on election night because an accurate count may take weeks, given the large number of mail-in ballots expected in this unprecedented mid-pandemic election.

[OCS: There are few “responsible” mainstream media outlets -- as a simple content analysis of most major outlets demonstrates an overwhelming bias toward progressive socialist Democrats. And, an equally strong hatred of President Trump which could be classified as a mental illness called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” It is the Democrats who are urging mail ballots while they say nothing about masses of people protesting in the streets or moving drugs around America. It is the Democrats who are preparing to bollix-up the count with legal filings.

Truth-be-told, an accurate count is not even necessary because it is the state legislatures and electors whose vote counts. And, if a state does not submit their electoral papers by the prescribed time, their vote is omitted. If two sets of electors arrives, the matter is settled in Congress, not the courts.]

Journalists can also help people understand that voter fraud is extraordinarily rare, and, in particular, that there’s nothing nefarious about voting by mail.

[OCS: Voter fraud is not that rare, but this appears to be the first time massive voter fraud might be attempted. There is no guarantee that the past will predict the future when you are dealing with fundamentally dishonest politicians.]

Social media platforms can commit to protecting the democratic process, by rapidly removing or correcting false statements spread by foreign or domestic disinformation campaigns and by ensuring that their platforms aren’t used to incite or plan violence.

[OCS: If any social media platform attempts to influence the election, they should lose all of their Section 230 protections and both the organization and its senior officers be criminally charged with interfering in an election. Perhaps even charged for an illegal in-kind donation to a political party.]

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To answer the top-line question, what’s the worst that could happen?

If the Communist-infiltrated Democrats win, they could continue to cover up their 2016 coup d ‘état attempt and change institutional power so, like California, there is a permanent Democrat majority, destroying America from within and making us vulnerable to our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

If President Trump wins by an unassailable margin in the Electoral College, look for the “resistance” to continue, an accelerated push to take over local and state offices, with the presidential fight transferred to 2024.

Bottom line…

As always, “We the People” will get screwed until the Democrats are purged of communists and single-minded special interests and until the GOP grows the cojones to aggressively push-back against evildoers and tyranny.


-- steve


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