Very rarely do you find a Democrat who is strong enough to stand up to his party to advocate for moral and commonsense positions on behalf of his constituents…


John DeBerry, a Black Democrat state representative (District 90 – Memphis, Tennessee) was removed from the House District 90 primary ballot by the Tennessee Democratic Party State Executive Committee in an egregious display of voter suppression and disenfranchisement. Claiming they know more than DeBerry’s constituents who elected him 13 times.

His crime, apparently DeBerry, did not uphold the ideals of the Democrat Party, namely his religion-informed votes on moral issues and his universal condemnation of rioters and looters who operate with the tacit approval of the Democrat leadership in Democrat-governed cities. And, roundly condemned by the political elite party members for seeming to speak like a Republican on the issues of the day.

In a complaint seeking to prohibit DeBerry from appearing on the Democratic ballot in August, Janeita Lentz, a Democratic voter in Memphis, outlined the following issues for the executive committee to consider:

  • He has accepted contributions from a number of Republican-aligned political action committees;
  • He voted for school vouchers, a measure that only narrowly passed in the House;
  • He was among three Democrats in 2019 who voted for Rep. Glen Casada, R-Franklin, as House speaker, rather than Democrats' nominee of Camper.  <Source>

Or, in the words of Bryan Carson, an executive committee member from Memphis, who voted for DeBerry’s removal, DeBerry was not “exemplifying the basic Democratic principles,” and claimed the removal vote was necessary because DeBerry’s primary opponents have never been able to match his fundraising ability. “The people who’ve challenged him, they haven’t been able to raise the money to have a decent campaign to let them know what he’s actually doing in Nashville.” Leave it to the Democrats to put their thumb on the scale when they have a favorite candidate.

In a speech before the Tennessee House, DeBerry commented…

“People who are looking at what’s happening in Washington, in Detroit, in Portland and Seattle–they’re getting emboldened because we act like a bunch of punks, too frightened to stand up and protect our own stuff. You’re telling me that someone got the right to tear down property that Tennessee taxpayers paid for? That American taxpayers paid for? And somebody has the right to destroy it, deface it, and tear it down? What kind of people have we become that we can’t protect our own stuff?! Peaceful protest ends peacefully. Anarchy ends in chaos. What we see happening right now, any of us with any common sense–any common sense whatsoever–know that what we see is not peaceful. So we can continue to fool ourselves and mix with words and use rhetoric in order to frost this stuff over, and put a nice picture on what we see is frightening. If we don’t get this right, right now, I’ve got grandchildren–I don’t want to see the country we’re going to have five, ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, if we don’t start acting like we got some guts.”

DeBerry was speaking about Tennessee House Bill 8005, which increases penalties for protesters who turn violent, destroy property, and attack police officers. Definitely a 180-degree turn from the leniency and jail-break policies favored by the Democrats. Policies that see violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters arrested and returned immediately to the streets – to “protest” in the next day’s riot. DeBerry, whose family participated in the original civil rights movement, also had the temerity to point out the difference between that movement and the current lawless demonstrations.

Even worse…

DeBerry takes issue with the Democrat Party’s stance on both abortion and school choice.

In an interview with Just the News founder, investigative reporter John Solomon, DeBerry noted, “I’ve never had a Republican opponent. My opponents have always been those of my own party who refuse to allow me to have my own opinions, my own beliefs, and to make my own stands. If I don’t walk the chalk line, talk like they tell me to talk, then I am therefore not a Democrat,” Specifically, they took issue with my “belief in the Scriptures, a biblical standard of morality, a biblical standard of ethics, in life, in marriage, in parental responsibility and parental authority.”

Vile Democrats all…

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Bottom line…

It appears that the Democrat Party is systematically purging anyone running for office that does not vote in lockstep with the radical progressive socialists who have taken over the party.

We do not dispute the party’s right to remove candidates from the ballot, but long-term elected representatives should be removed by the people, not the back-room crowd. This is clearly a case of voter nullification.

We are so screwed.


-- steve

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