I find it amazing that you can be attacked by the digital mob. canceled by the progressive socialist democrats, and lose your job from a few complaints by disgruntled individuals, for using the n-word in a Tweet – but you can be openly anti-Semitic as a member of Congress (Rashida Harbi Tlaib, ‎Ilhan Abdullahi Omar) or as an esteemed fellow at a prestigious educational institution.

There is little doubt in my mind that the Islamicists are pouring money into American educational institutions as part of their foreign policy operations. To gain legitimacy for an intolerant religion that offers non-believers a choice between enslavement or death, to spread disinformation and hatred about so-called enemies of Islam, and to recruit converts.

You do not change hundreds of years of open hostility between Islam and a tolerant civilized society lies by holding academic events and lecturing students. Especially when your key policy initiative is a doctrine of deception.

Harvard is proud to welcome an anti-Semitic representative of terrorism as an academic fellow…  


Senior International Leaders Join Harvard Kennedy School’s Future of Diplomacy Project as 2020-21 Fisher Family Fellows

Cambridge, Massachusetts – The Future of Diplomacy Project at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs has named four senior leaders in diplomacy to be Fisher Family Fellows for the 2020-21 academic year: Julie Bishop, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party; Saeb Erakat, the Chief Palestinian Negotiator and Head of the Negotiations Affairs Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO); Federica Mogherini, former High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission; and Peter Wittig, former Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States.

“We are proud to welcome these four respected global leaders to the Harvard Kennedy School for this academic year. They will strengthen our capacity to learn the lessons of effective diplomacy and statecraft,” said Faculty Chair Nicholas Burns.

The Fellows will speak in virtual seminars in the autumn, hold office hours with students to help foster their professional development and networks, and participate in research initiatives. Public health conditions permitting, the Fellows will visit campus in spring 2021 to lead study groups for Harvard students on topics of their expertise, including on transatlantic relations; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and emerging foreign policy and security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

IMG_0208Saeb Erakat has been extensively involved in all negotiations with Israel, including those conducted at Camp David (2000) and in Taba (2001). In 1991, he was the Vice-Chair of the Madrid Peace Delegation and was later the Vice-Chair at the Washington negotiations of 1992. Previously, he served as the Minister of Local Government for the Palestinian National Authority and is also Head of the Palestinian Side of the Steering and Monitoring Committee. He is the author of fourteen books on foreign policy, oil, conflict resolution, and negotiations.

What Harvard doesn’t say…

(1)  Erekat, is also the secretary general of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a known terror group in the Middle East who claimed in a 2014 interview with Al Jazeera that “I will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.” Which is not surprising since the PLO’s charter was essentially to eliminate the State of Israel and kill all of the Jews.

(2)  It appears that Erakat, not only is not a honest diplomat, broker, and intermediary, he cannot negotiate anything in good faith because the PLO cannot, by itself, commit to any negotiated settlement without permission from the Iranians and more militant Hamas.

(3) Erekat is a despicable human being who lies about his family living in Israel for 9,000 years, denies historical archeological evidence of Jews in Jerusalem, and equates the terrorism of ISIS with the force used by the Israelis to defend their nation.

Why would Harvard do this?

It has been suggested that many of the progressive socialist democrats at Harvard are anti-Semitic and supportive of the Marxists in the Palestinian movement. However, this does not appear unusual considering Harvard’s legacy of anti-Semitism with Harvard’s president, A. Lawrence Lowell (tenure: 1909-1933), instituting quotas to limit the number of Jewish students admitted to the university.

And then there is the money. The Palestinian Authority, the governmental arm of the PLO, has made at least six donations to Harvard between 2017 and 2019 totaling $2,625,000. One might question why the Palestinian Authority, always crying about being broke and unable to serve its “refugees” as they solicit contributions would pay Harvard $2.6 million. And, after sixty years, still dishonestly refers to its citizens as refugees and its population centers as “refugee camps.” Six decades and the Palestinian’s main business is terror as they sell permission via contributions from polite anti-Semitic individuals and organizations. Essentially this is a protection racket – to which the United States has contributed at least $5 billion in taxpayer dollars as humanitarian aid. Not to mention Israel’s contributions to help alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people. BTW: I refer to these people as Palestinians, which is a brand name created by the Russian KGB and used by PLO leader and top kleptocrat, Yasser Arafat to describe ARABS in the region.

Bottom line…

It is one thing to know your enemy, it is quite another to give them aid and comfort.

We are so screwed when many of the Harvard alumni enter the Department of State and other high ranking positions in government, education, and industry.

I wonder how Robert Belfer, a Jewish Philanthropist, and Harvard graduate, feels about the school's choice of fellows? 

-- steve

Palestinian Leaders Have Prevented Peace to Maintain the Flow of Aid Money

“As a human being, as a Muslim, and as an Arab,” writes the Saudi journalist Hani al-Dahiri, “I am saddened by the situation” of the Palestinians. But rather than blame Israel for this situation, he points his finger squarely at Palestinian politicians, who have used their positions to enrich themselves with funds from Arab countries, Europe, and the U.S., and who realize that, by creating an independent state, they would lose their claim on foreign largesse. Dahiri adds:

These politicians . . . sabotaged negotiations and rejected all peace initiatives, whether those presented by the Israeli side or by other international parties. The Palestinian politicians did this at the expense of their cause and their people so as to gain from the situation [and to] guarantee their survival with donations pouring from all sides—especially from Arab and Islamic countries—into their treasuries and [their private] accounts in European banks.

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