Reality is witnessing events as they are, not how the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, or MSNBC tell you how they are…


The chickens are coming home to roost…

Ted Wheeler, the Democrat Mayor and Police Commissioner of Portland, Oregon, is moving out of his $840,000 apartment in a 114-unit + retail space building because the “peaceful protesters” he has protected for months damaged the lobby of his building and tried to set it ablaze without regard to the potentially fatal consequences to the occupants. In a message to his neighbors, Wheeler apologized. 

“I want to express my sincere apologies for the damage to our home and the fear that you are experiencing due to my position. It’s unfair to all of you who have no role in politics or in my administration.” <Source>

Unfair? No, Ted! It’s downright criminal, and you have nobody to blame other than yourself and your uber-progressive city council. As the Mayor and the Police Commissioner, it was your police that were ordered to “stand down” -- and to abandon a police station rather than protect it. It was you who played Democrat politics and blamed President Trump as he continued to offer federal assistance in quelling the insurrection. Yes, insurrection -- the idea of a “peaceful protest” has long past. Even law enforcement is disgusted as the Portland District Attorney continues to dismiss many of the cases against protesters and those who have attacked police officers. Leading many officers to disengage from a revolving-door justice system.  Of course, there was no such apology to the community who has lost lives and livelihoods to the violent mobs that roam at will throughout the town.

Common sense should inform you…

The first responsibility of any government: local, state, or federal, is to protect its people. Prioritizing funding for first-responders (fire, police), utilities (water, electricity, gas), and public health (sanitation) before social programs that are little more than welfare to the more disruptive elements of our society. 

Most Americans are generous, decent people who have no allegiance to the warring political factions in the streets and want to go about their day-to-day affairs unmolested by protesters or the government, where their basic humanity towards neighbors trumps religious, cultural, and political differences.

Thinking about it now...

Why do we, as a city, county, state, or nation, continue to back away when rogue elements like Antifa and Black Lives Matter act aggressively and violently?

I don’t pretend to understand all of the political nuances of campaign strategy, but I do know that you can’t allow a political or criminal mob like the one that continues to destroy downtown Portland, Oregon, to get away with anything without risking a much more significant challenge in the future.

I am tired of being told, “Be patient. Don’t worry; we’ll get back to normal after the election -- especially if you vote for the Democrats."

We need a political counter-puncher who hits back harder than they are hit. Someone with a sense of right and wrong and a willingness to take action to redress lawlessness. 

What are the Democrats offering?

The Democrats, whose campaigns are based on little more than “orange-man bad” and who are promising the change that they have failed to deliver for decades, are offering nothing new.

In most riot-torn areas, already governed by Democrats, why would you expect different behavior when the Democrats have learned that their ill-informed constituents are weak and will take the path of least resistance?

If you are looking for abundance, health, and happiness, just read the 92-page Democrat platform. It is a step-by-step blueprint for a dystopian third-world nation filled with needless sacrifice and shared misery: bigger and more repressive government, higher taxes, and fewer personal freedoms.

It’s no longer a peaceful protest, it’s civil insurrection…

It is unconscionable that our elected and appointed leadership is dithering over how best to deal with peaceful protests that are no longer protests but have become hard-core agitation and an opportunity to loot local merchants.

As the night follows the day, if you see the warning signs and don't heed them, you could reasonably expect bad things to follow. That is the hard, cold truth of life, based on the immutable laws of human nature.

Blaming politicians is a waste of time. We, as a people, need to learn from our mistakes, take responsibility for our actions, and get better and smarter, faster. The cold reality is that our world is becoming increasingly complex, dangerous, and interdependent.

Blaming others is a waste of time. It would be best if you learned from your mistakes, take responsibility, and get better and smarter -- faster. The reality is that the world is becoming increasingly complex, dangerous, and interdependent on factors beyond our immediate control. When rogue politicians, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the incorrigible liar Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), misbehave, they need to be removed at the ballot box or somehow face the consequences of their actions.

Bottom line…

Day-by-day, we are seeing our Constitution and personal freedoms eroded by politicians who mouth “bumper sticker” platitudes, often claiming their decisions are backed by science. Science that they never seem able to produce, but distracting us with yet another cherry-picked “expert” who speaks with certitude about an unknowable future.

All we can do is hope that people wake-up and make the right decision at the ballot box. Voting as if their life, their community, and their nation was facing a grave risk.

What the future will bring is up to you. You must vote and to encourage others to vote.

Whatever new political threats arise, no matter where they originate, it is imperative that our elected officials respond promptly with reasoned and decisive action. I cannot even begin to imagine such a response from a candidate who must hide in his basement and who requires a teleprompter for a twelve-minute speech. Even worse, I cannot imagine Kamala Harris, the female version of Barack Obama, leading our nation out of its present crisis.

We are so screwed.


-- steve

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