After the counter-protest against Antifa and Black Lives Matter in Portland, Oregon, that left one counter-protester dead, I confess that I have little sympathy for the individual who voluntarily entered a known protest zone with armed belligerents…


Scenes of Trump supporters firing paint and pellet guns at protesters during a “Trump cruise rally” caravan through downtown Portland - a liberal bastion that has been the site of weeks of street demonstrations - raised the specter that the nation’s summer of unrest had entered a new phase in which the president’s backers are rallying to defend businesses and fight back against Black Lives Matter and other groups he has labeled “anarchists” and “terrorists.”

One man, thought to be a member of a pro-Trump group, was shot and killed Saturday night during the Portland unrest.

In tweeting a video of the caravan on the move, Trump called the participants “GREAT PATRIOTS!” The reaction marked a sharp contrast to his silence during a large and peaceful civil rights march on Friday in Washington that drew thousands to the National Mall, where some speakers denounced his leadership. <Source>

[OCS: Unless these armed people are in an organized state militia or sworn sheriff’s posse, they are either vigilantes or ill-informed idiots. This is far different from those protecting their own homes and businesses or are state-approved security guards. Consider that, even if you have the right to open carry, you are at a greater risk to be targeted for gun theft, injury, or death. And, if you do not have insurance to help pay for your defense and any collateral damage, you are putting your future at risk.

If you want to orchestrate a show of the colors or a show of force, organize like the military and assign areas of fire to outward-facing individuals watching the crowds and who should be prepared to respond instantly. Something that would be impractical and illegal in a civilian environment. ]

It is one thing to demonstrate peaceably in areas with a robust police presence and rapid medical response; it is something entirely different to demonstrate in downtown Fallujah, Iraq. Far different from the support the police demonstration in Thousand Oaks, California.


Why is it always about projection – attributing your behavior to your opponents… <Source>


Bottom line…

I suspect that, other than residents who may innocent bystanders, those in the protest area are not “social justice warriors,” but are individuals looking for entertainment, excitement, and for some, the opportunity to riot, loot, burn, and engage the opposition.

The strongest protest is not to virtue-signal your peers or attempt to be part of a historical “cultural thing,” but to cast your vote to protect your country, constitution, and civil society.

And, perhaps the wisest advice comes from Napoleon Bonaparte -- "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." Every instance of rioting, burning, looting, and the destruction of public and private property produces more Trump supporters.

Take action … vote!


-- steve

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