I fear for our beloved America...

Kamala Harris is not a pragmatic moderate as described in the mainstream media, she is a radical communist with a voting record is 97% to the left of the Democrats in the Senate and even left of Bernie "the Bolshevik" Sanders. 






Harris supports the expansion of legal immigration quotas beyond their current levels and the legalization of millions of illegal aliens under an unconstitutional DACA program that she will expand. She favors the expansion of foreign worker visas. She supports the reunification of families, which results in a never-ending stream of chain migration. The most telling promise is that she promises to "decriminalize" illegal immigration -- thus opening our borders. Plus, rejecting any physical border walls. 

Even worse, both Biden and Harris refuse to put the health and welfare of Americans first – excoriating President Trump's life-saving travel restrictions on China as racist and xenophobic. She seems to care little about the existing minority communities as illegal aliens take healthcare, employment, housing, and social safety-net funds from Americans in need.

Health care

Let us not forget that Harris was a co-sponsor of Senator Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All Act, which would destroy our existing healthcare system for Obamacare on steroids. Illegal aliens would be eligible for the same healthcare benefits as American citizens. Literally, the government will choose who will live or die – and the Democrats view senior citizens as a drag on society. 160 million Americans would lose any healthcare benefits through their employer.

Climate change

Joining that barista-genius Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Harris introduced a $10 TRILLION plan to address climate change, which would destroy the fossil fuel industry and decimate America's economy. Even simple-minded idiots can see that wind and solar are unreliable, inconsistent, and costly. The Green New Deal is a Eurocentric socialist attack on capitalism. 

After decades of buying energy from those who may be hostile to U.S. interests, she wants to destroy America's energy independence.

Gun control

While she was a candidate, Harris voted to take executive action on legal guns if elected president and Congress failed to act within 100 days.  The Democrats disadvantage the police and disarm law-abiding citizens. It doesn't get much more real than that. A clear violation of the Second Amendment. 


What Constitution? Even as California's Attorney General, she refused to hold pedophiles and criminals accountable for their actions while distorting the justice system to deny innocent individuals a trial based on new evidence and ineffective counsel. She kept individuals incarcerated beyond their legal sentences to create a prison labor pool. She refused to follow and enforce Federal Immigration law. She wants to eliminate the filibuster to stop minority opposition and to pack the Supreme Court to obtain favorable rulings for the progressives for decades to come.


Repeal all existing tax cuts and impose massive new taxes on all Americans, with special tax burdens imposed on those perceived as wealthy, including small businesses.

War on the suburbs

Remove all single-family zoning restrictions, build low-income high-rises in single-family neighborhoods. Shift local tax revenues to the cities.

Systemic racism

Refuse all programs that allow inner-city blacks to choose a school of their choice. Demands that funding does not follow the students, but remains with the local schools.

Bottom line…


We are so screwed.

-- steve

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