According to an article in the Federalist, the jockeying for cabinet positions in a Biden administration has begun… 

Biden Cabinet To Potentially Include Susan Rice, Pete Buttigieg, And Other Progressives

Among some of Biden’s most likely picks for the cabinet include Elizabeth Warren for Treasury Secretary, Susan Rice for Secretary of State, Anthony Blinked for National Security Advisor, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for transportation or Housing and Urban Development, and Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), who was also in the running to be Biden’s Vice President, for HUD or Health and Human Services. <Source>

Can you imagine a duplicitous lying scumbag like Susan Rice following up her Benghazi performance with a Department of State appointment?

Can you imagine an outright communist taking over housing issues at HUD or healthcare issues at HHS?

But it could get worse…

Can you imagine a stone-cold liar and propagandist like Adam Schiff being given investigative power and the power to kill previous investigations at the Department of Justice?


Where Eric Holder’s contemptuous behavior in excusing black supremacist voter suppression would now be on steroids.DSJ-2A

Bottom line…

If nothing else, the GOP needs to secure an unassailable majority in the Senate to protect the Nation. We are so screwed if the progressive communist democrats continue to infiltrate our Nation’s military, government, and infrastructure to serve as a fifth-column to destroy America from within on behalf of our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Truth-be-told, it was the Democrats who were colluding with the Russians, and they should be held accountable for their actions.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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