For those of you who have worked hard to move out of apartments and cities and into your own patch of paradise, beware – radical progressive socialist/communist democrats are targeting your single-family home… democrat-suburbiaThere are generally two toxic housing concepts that drive the radical progressive socialist/communist democrat agenda.

(1)  That wealth inequality is racist and the inability for the poor and minorities to live in the suburbs is inherently racist,

(2)  That racism does not need to be proven, but is automatically assumed to be present if the number of individuals of color living in a community does not equal or exceed the proportion of the number of individuals of color occurring in the general population and is prima facie proof of racism and presents a disparate impact on those of the protected class being measured.

So, it is not unusual to find the mentally-impaired Joe Biden and the radical progressive socialist/communists attempting to implement these housing concepts by destroying suburban life.

From Biden’s platform…

biden-platformCory Booker’s explanation of “exclusionary zoning” under the HOME Act…

booker1Unless local municipalities knuckle-under to the federal government to alter zoning requirements, their access to significant federal funding would be curtailed or eliminated… 

Biden and Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs

That’s all bad enough. But on top of AFFH [Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing], Biden now plans to use Cory Booker’s strategy for attacking suburban zoning.

AFFH works by holding HUD’s Community Development Block Grants hostage to federal-planning demands. Suburbs won’t be able to get the millions of dollars they’re used to in HUD grants unless they eliminate single-family zoning and densify their business districts.

AFFH also forces HUD-grant recipients to sign pledges to “affirmatively further fair housing.” Those pledges could get suburbs sued by civil-rights groups, or by the feds, if they don’t get rid of single-family zoning.

The only defense suburbs have against this two-pronged attack is to refuse HUD grants. True, that will effectively redistribute huge amounts of suburban money to cities, but if they give up their HUD grants at least the suburbs will be free of federal control.

The Booker approach — now endorsed by Biden — may block even this way out.

Booker wants to hold suburban zoning hostage not only to HUD grants, but to the federal transportation grants used by states to build and repair highways. It may be next to impossible for suburbs to opt out of those state-run highway repairs. Otherwise, suburban roads will deteriorate and suburban access to major arteries will be blocked.

AFFH plus the Booker plan will leave America’s suburbs with no alternative but to eliminate their single-family zoning and turn over their planning to the feds. Slowly but surely, suburbs will become helpless satellites of the cities they surround, exactly as progressive urbanists intend. <Source>

The “why” is simple to understand…

It is all about political control over the population, including but not limited to housing, healthcare, employment, mobility, and your freedoms. By altering the political constituency of the suburbs, which generally acts as a counter-balance to majority-Democrat cities, the progressives can capture more of the suburb’s swing vote that holds their power in check. Consider high-rises in mini-downtowns located in restrictively zoned suburban areas, filled with rent-subsidized individuals who are willing to vote for the progressives, especially under coercion and ballot harvesting. Enough to make a progressive salivate. Even worse, tax money collected in the suburbs could be redistributed to the poorer parts of the city to purchase even more votes.

Bottom line…

For those middle-class suburban housewives who do not like President Trump or the way he Tweets, he may be the last thing standing between your home and a modern ghetto. When people, myself included, suggest that we are on the brink of destroying the America we know and love, we are not kidding. The radical progressive socialist/communist democrats have told us what they want to do – and even put it in writing. Believe them. They are not joking.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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