Last night I was listening to a podcast where the host and his guest were well-spoken and well-credentialed academics who openly spoke of their disdain for President Trump, and repeated many of the themes playing in the mainstream media. Considering that both of them thought that the reelection of Donald Trump would lead to an unmitigated disaster, I kept waiting for their comments on the alternatives offered by the Democrat party. Alas, it never came as the progressive socialist democrats kept up the barrage of Anti-Trump pro collectivist chatter – both paying lip service to a free market economy. In one instance, they were describing a form of censorship without ever using the word. Ironic, because both men earn substantial sums from the merchandising of their commentary.

However, the host posed a question that highlights the mindset of a progressive…

“In the wealthiest nation in the world, half our population can’t go thirty, sixty, much less ninety days without a paycheck, without feeling food-insecure. How did it happen such that people are living on such a razor’s edge in the wealthiest economy in the wealthiest nation in history?”

One would think that the answer would be readily apparent and discussed by both erudite individuals without speaking of wealth inequality, the influence of government, and redistribution.

The answer is relatively simple…

Let us start with the fact that we live in a consumer economy, and we learn from an early age to want things desired by our peers or sold to us using psychological influence techniques by the mainstream media. Individuals are indoctrinated with the belief that their position, wealth, and material goods define them as individuals and signal their membership and status within the tribe. Children absorb and parrot the attitudes and behaviors of their parents, and later their educators and mentors.

But the real coping skills start with one’s parents or teachers that teach individualism, self-reliance, and resilience. They do not create a false world where a child expects everyone to love them, share their toys, and assist them in accomplishing their goals or in achieving a particular outcome. They must learn and create a world of understanding acceptable risk, not expecting others to pay their way, and above all, how to physically and psychologically care for themselves, especially under adverse circumstances. It also depends on educational institutions educating and not indoctrinating by teaching valuable life skills that are transferable to the real world.

In Junior High School, even though I was on an academic track, I was allowed to choose an “elective” each semester. I selected drafting, electric shop, woodshop, metal shop, print shop, and agriculture. I made things using common tools. I learned how to grow vegetables in the school’s garden plot. I learned how mathematics applied to the real world. I learned safety principles. I carried my Scouting pocketknife everywhere. I learned the value of asking questions. I learned that you would never “get” if you don’t “ask.” I even considered taking a home economics class to be near my girlfriend at the time – but that was a little much. I learned to repair my own uniform and equipment in the Scouts, along with being able to hunt, fish, and cook – albeit over a campfire. I could always entertain myself – sometimes in ways that were dangerous and impossible to accomplish in today’s restrictive environment. I learned how to shoot after taking a week-long safety course.  My parents gave me a .22 single-shot rifle and a .22 revolver. It cost me seventy-five cents an hour to use the range; the money being used for range maintenance, and we were required to participate in maintenance on non-shooting days.

It is was a process of continual reinforcement – actions had consequences. You had to prepare for some level of adversity. I learned to protect myself against bullies and aggressors. If I wanted money, I could have asked my open-handed parents. Still, it was more satisfying to earn my own: collecting bottles, mowing lawns, cleaning various backyards and garages, repairing junk and using, trading, or selling it. I learned what I wanted one week was not necessarily what I wanted the next.

I was not unusual – all of my friends were pretty much of the same mindset. Living in a diverse neighborhood, you learned about each other, ate at each other’s homes. There were no gangs, and most fist-fights lasted under a minute, and none involved weapons. All parents looked out for all kids.

Today’s progressives scare the bejesus out of their children or give them electronic devices that substitute for real-world engagement. Children are forced into narrow lanes. And, for most, guns are an unspeakable evil.

…but challenging to implement in today’s environment…

Today we have high transient populations. There are incomprehensible threats. People do not know their neighbors, and the neighbors do not watch over all children. Teachers are not the same; for many, it is a job, not a profession. In many cases, teachers feel threatened by their students, and classroom discipline is almost non-existent. A teacher that touches a child is likely to be led away in handcuffs or sued into bankruptcy.

Other than encouraging parental responsibility and engagement, I do not see much light on the horizon, especially from today’s leaders, except in smaller towns.

Bottom line...

But the real takeaway is that President Trump has only been in office for three years -- and under continual attack -- whereas politicians and others in the mainstream media have had decades to make things better. Yet, little or no progress has been made outside of the lofty press releases filled with fanciful rhetoric that hides the truth. Progressivism and the Democrats are failures and are running away from the truth.

Will we accept their perverted worldview and hand them power over us? I think we are so screwed if we do.

-- steve


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