Imagine a mechanism that would allow a cadre of communists, both foreign and domestic, to bring the American government and industry to a halt. Crippling our economy much like what we are seeing with the Coronavirus -- this time as deliberate as the current activities of Democrat governors and mayors.

1,500 janitors in SF walk out as part of national Strike for Black Lives

About 1,500 janitors in San Francisco walked off the job and hundreds of protesters gathered outside City Hall on Monday as part of a national day of strikes for racial justice.

The Strike for Black Lives protests organized by unions and other groups extended to more than two dozen U.S. cities. Workers also rallied outside the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan. McDonald’s cooks and cashiers in Los Angeles and nursing home workers in St. Paul, Minn., were also striking, according to Fight For $15, a labor group pushing for a higher minimum wage.

In San Francisco, Gus Vallejo, president of International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21, which represents public sector workers, said labor unions stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and noted the coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately hurt minority communities.

[OCS: Black Lives Matter is a communist front group headed by “trained Marxists” and skilled community organizers.

Protesters took a knee as a list of names of victims of police killings was read and painted “Defund The Police” in yellow letters on Polk Street adjacent to City Hall. Supervisor Shamann Walton called for a moment of silence in remembrance of Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights leader who died Friday.

[OCS: Funny, the majority of those characterized as victims of police killings were criminals, many in the act of committing a crime, fleeing the police, or actively confronting a law enforcement officer.

Defunding the police removes the barrier between armed and violent drug dealers and thugs and a vulnerable community. Analogous to disarming law-abiding citizens to nullify their God-given right to self-defense. Many of the thugs now rampaging are Bernie Bros –- communist-supporting hooligans who will vote Democrat.]

“We have far too long been over-policed and over-criminalized in San Francisco,” Walton said, adding that “labor stood right with us” as lawmakers sought changes. Walton has proposed to amend the Police Code to make it unlawful for someone to “fabricate false racially biased emergency reports” in 911 calls.

Injustice is a union issue,” said Rudy Gonzalez, executive director of the San Francisco Labor Council, a labor union coalition group. “The movement for Black Lives is entwined with the movement for labor rights.

Piper Alldredge, a member of Service Employees International Union Local 1021, said workers are urged to be active but many aren’t able to strike or protest because of fear of losing their jobs.

[SEIU has long been associated with the communist party and the democrats.]

“The labor movement is really reckoning with the role of cops and police and trying to figure out how to deal with that. SEIU positions itself as anti-racist, so members must be on the front lines doing that anti-racist work,” said Alldredge, who was furloughed at the California College of the Arts, where she was a studio manager.

The coronavirus pandemic and police killing of George Floyd, a Black man in Minneapolis, have led to sustained protests around the country since late May.

[OCS: The progressive socialist democrats continue to characterize violent anarchists, looters, and arsonists as peaceful protesters.]

Strike organizers called on corporate leaders and government officials to raise wages and allow workers to unionize to negotiate better health care, sick leave and child care support. <Source>

An excerpt from the Communist Party USA showing the congruence of the Democrat Party’s platform with the goals of the Communist Party USA…


Towards a Communist Party labor program

Organized labor: Political Ground Zero in our nation

First of all, a communist program is much more than a union program, but a review of where organized labor is at this point, the ground we are on, is essential if we are to correctly access how we are to move forward.  Further, it is important to acknowledge that our party’s labor commission, labor work in general, has atrophied, with many of the important lessons our comrades and working class had learned through tough struggles needing to be updated. Unfortunately, a similar fate has befallen much of our work during the previous period of party leadership.

The U.S. labor movement is not one dimensional, but is a large tent, with varied union histories and traditions. The national leadership is generally “progressive,” and multiracial, due mainly to a decades long rank-and-file movement that our comrades played a leading role in.  A great many unionists, including leaders, now speak positively of socialism, even identifying themselves as socialist.  The old red-baiting period is done, again due to tough struggle to eliminate the anti-communist clause in union by-laws, as well as the positive experiences of communists/socialists doing hard, tough work over the past decades. The AFL-CIO, representing 13 million workers is the strongest sector, but another section, Change to Win, with SEIU as its main union, also plays an important role.

From resistance to working peoples government

A next stage of struggle, again, not separated by walls, is moving from resistance to the defeat of Trump/extreme corporate right, creating the ability to build a working people’s government.  We need to help workers develop socialist/revolutionary consciousness during the period, preparing to go forward.  Some of the demands/goals of this period can include;

  •  Real national health care—Medicare for All.
  • Reform of labor legislation, creating a real right of workers to organize without company interference, with stiff penalties for labor law violations.
  •  Guaranteed income for all, paid for by taxing the top 1%.
  •  Free education for all.
  •  Green energy based infrastructure, with basic industrial, union jobs targeting minority communities.
  • National program for building affordable housing, with homes targeting minority communities.
  • National industrial program, with public ownership of main manufacturing facilities and national production goals.
  •  Cutting military, with jobs going into rebuilding inner city communities.
  •  Apprenticeships with union jobs for inner city youth as part of rebuilding cities.
  •  Real, guaranteed, retirement security for all.
  • Shorten the workweek, maintain pay levels.

[OCS: But first we must tear down everything we have and rebuild as a society where ability and merit do not matter and everyone is equally poor and miserable, except for the elite overlords.]

Finally, labor needs to move toward a new, international, labor movement that can successfully confront capital’s international organization. <Source>

The way it works…


Bottom line…

I have no doubt in my mind, that the communists have infiltrated and captured the Democrat Party. That Joe Biden is a Trojan Horse who will be replaced as President as soon as he is elected by an unelected hardcore radical. We are so screwed if the Democrats take all three branches of government. This election is truly one of momentous import – not the difference between the Democrats and the GOP, but between the America we know and love and a dystopian future ruled by increasingly stronger authoritarians.

-- steve

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