We know that President Trump is a fighter. A shameless counterpuncher that is willing to take on the worst elements of the progressive socialist democrats and their mainstream media propaganda machine while ignoring the social consequences. But where is the GOP he purports to lead?


Whereas the progressive socialist democrats never stop campaigning and advancing their agenda, the GOP traditionally concentrates its efforts on the last months before an election. Long after many people's beliefs, attitudes, and opinions have hardened. Of course, the GOP is only aiming at the so-called "swing states" and those independent voters and minorities that can be influenced by their message. Feeling rather safe that they have a near parity with the opposition in this deeply-divided country.

So most voters know little or nothing about what the GOP actually represents or have any objective way to determine the most likely course of action under a GOP administration.

All I remember is that the GOP stands for law and order and fiscal responsibility -- both of which are demonstrably false as they fear to upset the vocal progressive socialist democrats and their mainstream media propaganda machine. Did anyone notice that the last government shutdown proved that most government workers were non-essential, the government workers lost nothing with their "retroactive" pay, and the most harm that was inflicted on those Americans who wanted to vacation in our needlessly-closed National Parks.

I also remember when the GOP asked for a House Majority, and the voters provided it. Followed by a request for a Senate Majority, and it was provided. And then the Presidency so the GOP virtually controlled the government. Unfortunately, little happened other than skyrocketing spending and the passage of legislation that advanced the progressive socialist democrat agenda.

So what makes this election different?

We are not facing a despicable, lying, corrupt candidate like Hillary Clinton. We are facing a cogitatively-impaired shell of a candidate who will serve as a vessel for the most radical elements of his party, which has now been taken over by the socialists and communists.

We know what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her majority have done to the country, including actions that were clearly illegal or unconstitutional. But, we do not have a vision of the House under the GOP. We know nothing of the proposed leadership, initiatives, or actions to reverse the damage done to our country.

We know what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has done, or should I say hasn't done, in the Senate. Beyond confirming a large number of federal judges -- many of whom can swing both ways like Roberts, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh, what has "Open borders McConnell" done on immigration, on Communist China, or any of the other essential issues of the day. It appears that he cannot even hold his party in check with the likes of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and others voting with the opposition.

We can see that most of President Trump's important initiatives are built on shifting sands of Executive Orders, which can be reversed with a stroke of the pen. They are not the law of the land, but merely guidelines for the federal government.

We can see that President Trump, in a somewhat chaotic management style, has appointed several individuals that did not serve him well, many acting in direct opposition to his wishes. Lazy, incompetent, or merely transactional and consumed with image and past reputation? In what world do an Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner play major government roles?

Where is President Trump's aggressive pushback against the federal judges who are denying or delaying the enforcement of existing law?'

Where is the GOP exposure of the radical Democrat platform?

Anyone but Trump -- promoting a weak-minded mentally impaired candidate who supported racism and racists.

Be Angry -- tear it down, destroy our history, refuse to be productive, the government will provide everything you need.

This is the 60's and Blacks are still slaves.

Claim systematic racism while the Democrats control major areas encompassing the inner cities.

Claim substandard education while the democrats deny school choice and allow the public sector unions to control education.

Claim Black Lives Matter while thousands of Blacks are being slaughtered in the inner cities.

Why is it that the people causing problems in the streets are Democrats -- specifically Bolshevik Bernies' mob?

Why are the Democrats talking about defunding the police, releasing more criminals into the community, and disarming law-abiding citizens while creating a larger victim pool for armed thugs?

Why are the Democrats opening the border and providing the aid that was promised to the Black community to their new best friends, the illegal aliens who are consuming housing, employment, and social services like a hoard of locusts?

Why does the GOP avoid the exposure of the historical fact that Democrats are the party of racism, slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and anti-civil-rights legislation?

Why is it that old white Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, Nadler, Biden, Bernie Sanders, and others are controlling the Democrat Party while giving tacit support to the destruction of Black communities in Democrat-governed areas?

Bottom line...

I do not live in a world of social media, nor do I follow those "influencers" who mean little or nothing in the real world.

I want to know what the hell is going on with the GOP, and other than bogus fundraising surveys and emails, I am in the dark.

Right now, I am inclined to believe that the GOP is another Gaggle of Poseurs.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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