As a long-time reader of the iconic Drudge Report, the news aggregator site created by a then-conservative Matt Drudge, I have noticed that there has been a not-so-subtle change in the content. It is almost if Matt Drudge morphed into a progressive socialist democrat or progressive socialist democrat George Soros bought the site. In fact, the site became so outrageous, that one could have used the tagline “Anti-Trump -- All The Time.”

Consider the following headlines…


Both former President Bush and two-time, or should I say two-timing, Mitt Romney has well-known grudges against President Trump. Bush primarily for Trump’s treatment of “Low Energy” Jeb Bush in the presidential primary campaign and a rejection of the Bush “business as usual” advisory team. Mitt Romney because he is a pathetic loser and was not appointed as the Secretary of State in the Trump Administration.

As for polling, Trump is surrounded by a cadre of snakes and leakers who are pursuing their own agenda. Note that the information provided by the anonymous leaker who claims, “President Trump’s top political advisers, in a private meeting last week, said their boss needs to add more hopeful, optimistic and unifying messages to balance his harsh law-and-order rhetoric.” is not news nor is it newsworthy. Many things are said in “private meetings” on both sides that should never see the light of day. That someone would anonymously leak this information to the media is meant to curtail the free flow of ideas and disadvantage the planners. Many of the polls, especially in the progressive socialist democrat media, are artificially manipulated: polling individuals who claim they are likely to vote but do not vote or overweighting some component of the poll sample to compensate for a perceived systemic problem -- or to mislead deliberately. One need only look at the pollsters and media outlets that predicted that Hillary had a 99-plus-percent chance of winning the Presidency while then-candidate Trump was almost a statistical anomaly.

Likewise, there is the bitter and disgruntled John Bolton, who worked himself out of his job as National Security Adviser by insisting that his advice be followed by President Trump when President Trump had other ideas. The truth is that the unelected John Bolton tried to usurp the foreign policy prerogatives of the President. No matter what John Bolton says, he remains a disgruntled former staff member who was appointed by President Trump over the advice of many others who believed that Bolton was ideologically unqualified for the position. He was not well-liked and constantly sparred with cabinet members such as Mike Pompeo and Steve Mnuchin. Bolton is also an ego-driven narcissist. 

Everybody believes they know better than the duly elected President of the United States how to steer the “Ship of State.”

It is President Trump that is trying to adhere to his campaign promises. It was President Trump that moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, something that was promised by past presidents and authorized for years by Congress. It was President Trump that reduced the number of rules and regulations that hampered American Business. It was President Trump that engaged with China to open Chinese markets to U.S. producers and to curtail the theft of military, industrial, and commercial, intellectual property. Not to mention reducing taxes and engaging North Korea. Pulling out of the Iran deal, a-arms treaty Russia ignored, and an economy-busting climate accord ignored by the largest gross offenders and polluters. 

And, amazingly, he did it all while being viciously and relentlessly attacked 24/7/365 by the progressive socialist democrats in the House of Representatives and their captive progressive mainstream media. While fighting off attacks based on various democrat hoaxes.

You may not like his tweets, but it does bypass the mainstream media and dominate the news cycle. Without Trump to bash, many mainstream media outlets would have become insolvent or simply outlived their usefulness. Now, the big tech companies are trying to silence or mitigate the President’s use of social media.

The truth is stunningly simple…

The progressive socialist democrats elected a corrupt, lying president who happened to be black. A president whose administration is mired in ongoing scandals including the subversion of the nation’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies and the illegal domestic spying on Americans, the media, Members of Congress – and an opposition political campaign. The progressive socialist democrats nominated another corrupt, lying presidential candidate who was at the root of many of these scandals. Now, the progressive socialist democrats are attempting to put forth a presidential candidate who is demonstrably unfit for office because of mental incapacity—hoping to slide an unelected vice president into the Presidency and appoint another vice president.

Bottom line…

We are on the precipice. We are being screwed by the mainstream media, many of whom use the Drudge Report as a sourcebook for their inspiration. But, as they say, “Garbage In – Garbage Out.”

For those who want an honest replacement for the Drudge Report, consider the Bongino Report published by Dan Bongino, a former New York police patrol officer and Secret Service agent on the presidential protective detail.


We can no longer trust many of those who previously proclaimed their conservatism. They have sold out, if not to the progressive socialist democrats, then to the never-Trump or anti-Trump crowd who lacks the cojones to stand up, say what the really mean, and then deliver what they promised.

-- steve

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