Once again, much of the un-American mainstream media is hiding or shading the truth, ignoring that America is suffering a civil insurrection from highly-trained domestic terrorists, and trying to deflect the blame from the progressive socialist democrats who have pandered to the so-called “protestors” -- and, as a result, have allowed the anarchists to gain momentum. The fact that the far-left media and politicians are defending these domestic terrorists is unconscionable.

Any legitimate protest over the tragic and unwarranted murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota by now-former police officer Derek Chauvin (while three other police offIcers failed to halt the attack on a proned-out, handcuffed individual) is OVER! Domestic terrorists and garden-variety criminals have hijacked the protest.

The progressive socialist democrats, the governors, mayors, and other elected officials, who ordered their law enforcement and fire protection authorities to “stand down,” are now scurrying for cover. At the same time, the protests have turned into a civil insurrection. The idea that you allow terrorists, criminals, and crazies space and freedom to destroy public and private property and put lives in jeopardy, is un-American and a betrayal of your public service oath of office. History tells us that providing aid and comfort to those who will disrupt civil society only worsens the situation and puts all law-abiding citizens at risk.


This is the legacy of Barack Obama, who has done more to racially divide America than any modern president. So why are we not surprised to find one of Obama’s trusted liars, Susan Rice, running to the media to suggest that it is “foreign actors” – possibly acting on behalf of Russia – that are responsible for the chaos and destruction? Truth-be-told, these are Barack Obama’s people – community organizers on steroids.


Susan Rice Blames ‘Foreign Actors’ for Stirring George Floyd Protests: ‘Right Out of the Russian Playbook’

Former Obama adviser Susan Rice has blamed the violent protests that rocked major American cities over the weekend on “foreign actors,” and even suggested that Russia could be involved in stirring them up.

[OCS: Bullpucky. Most of the Antifa domestic terrorist crowd calls Portland, Oregon their home and the local criminals are just that; local criminals. While Russia may delight in the chaos occurring in the United States, the consequences of any discovery of Russian influence outweighs any actual benefit.]

I’m not reading the intelligence today, or these days — but based on my experience, this is right out of the Russian playbook,” Rice, who served as national-security adviser to president Obama, said in a CNN interview on Sunday. “But we cannot allow the extremists, the foreign actors, to distract from the real problems we have in this country that are longstanding, centuries old, and need to be addressed responsibly.”

[OCS: Even when Susan Rice was reading accurate, real-time intelligence, she went on five major Sunday news programs and lied about Benghazi being sparked by a little-seen video, ignoring the fact that hardcore militants with grenades and mortars perpetrated the attack. What she was covering up was an illegal arms transfer operation that saw Islamic terrorists being armed with military-grade weapons courtesy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the CIA. And, this is not the only time Susan Rice has lied to the public.]

Anchor Wolf Blitzer responded, “you’re absolutely right on the foreign interference.” Blitzer then asked Rice if she thought the Russians were attempting to “embarrass” the U.S. by “promoting the racial divide in our country.”

[OCS: Who woke Wolf Blitzer up and fed him the question?]

“Well we see it all the time, we’ve seen it for years, including on social media where they take any divisive, painful issue . . . and they play on both sides,” Rice said. “I would not be surprised to learn that they have fomented some of these extremists on both sides on social media . . . [or] that they’re funding it in some way, shape, or form.”

[OCS: Another failed hoax, this time the agitators were “white supremacists” and not the radical hardcore anarchists from Antifa who provided community criminals with the opportunity to loot businesses, many owned by minorities.]

Meanwhile, current national-security adviser Robert O’Brien on Sunday pointed to a number of countries that were attempting to foment unrest via social media. Chief among those countries is China, however O’Brien also mentioned Iran, Russia, and Zimbabwe as possibly using social media to enflame tensions in the U.S.

[OCS: Intelligence agencies have identified Antifa members who travel from event to event to foment riots. No matter which foreign source you point to, three fingers are pointing back at the perpetrators of this misinformation.

And, of course, foreign enemies will always exploit social media to foment unrest. It's a given and, in no way, excuses Antifa.]




For those who do not follow the machinations of the radical left and the mainstream media, one need only remember the acronym DARVO.




Consider the tweet of Joy Reid, a host and national correspondent on the far-left cable television station MSNBC (colloquially known as MSDNC)…


Joy Reid is a racist disinformation specialist and provocateur, and Bill Barr is the Attorney General of the United States. It is up to Joy Reid to back up her allegations with proof of the participation of white nationalist groups instead of demanding answers to a question that deserves a proper response. Don’t show me headlines and stories written by radical far-left authors, provide proof that can be corroborated.  Bill Barr has arrest records – what the hell does Joy Reid have? She is so blind and stupid as to miss the “fact” that Antifa advertises its presence with their dress, social media announcements, and graffiti.



Bottom line…

Now is the time to see which politicians, celebrities, and media will support Antifa and the criminals who destroyed your community and hurt your fellow citizens.

Defend yourself, your police, your community, and your nation.  When the police are overwhelmed, and your State’s National Guard is patrolling the streets, think of those who would disarm law-abiding citizens and create an even bigger victim pool. Refuse to be a victim.


We are so screwed.

-- steve

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