Shirking their sworn duty…

The prime directive of all elected officials is to protect and serve the public – not some of the public, but ALL the public. Primarily by prioritizing public safety (law enforcement and fire protection), public health (first responders, community health facilities, and sanitation), critical infrastructure (utilities such as water, electric, and gas, and public transportation) – and to repair, replace, or build-out our decaying and inadequate infrastructure. And, only after the basic needs have been met, then you can fund the arts and political pet projects.

So what politician would deliberately defund a portion of the Los Angeles Police Department which keeps the peace and provides relative safety and security to the public? The answer, without a doubt, is corrupt politicians who are pandering to a particular class of individual who is most likely to vote for progressive socialist democrats.

How else can you explain this travesty that would make Los Angeles and the surrounding communities less safe and empower thugs preying on a mostly unarmed law-abiding citizenry?

Council File: 20-0692
Los Angeles Police Department Budget Cut / Disadvantaged and Communities of Color Reinvestment


We need a vision for our city that says “there is going to be justice." American society is founded on a racial hierarchy, one that is born out of slavery, followed by Jim Crow segregation and corporate abuse of labor. As such, police departments are asked to enforce a system of laws that arc designed to reinforce and maintain economic and racial inequality.

[OCS: This is a bald-faced lie promoted by progressive socialist democrats who use identity politics to gain and maintain political power. The progressives ignore the fact that we are racially diverse and pretty much get along with each others – with the exception of those politicians and others who obtain power and profit from racial discord.

To make a charge of systemic racism in legislative matters and the law can only be laid at the feet of legislators, including many individuals of color, who must, by the above assertion, have been or currently are racist. The police department is required, by our Constitution and our laws, to enforce the law equality – without favor or prejudice. While the system, like any system of individuals, fails from time-to-time, responsible citizens do not riot or burn communities down when aberrations are encountered.]

We need to rethink what it is that makes people safer and makes communities stronger.

[OCS: It is certainly not politicians pandering to thugs, drug dealers, or a community that refuses to police themselves by assisting law enforcement in keeping their community safe.]

We cannot just look at the police in isolation. There is no doubt that communities of color suffer disproportionately from negative interactions with the police,

[OCS: Communities of color suffer disproportionately because of above-average levels of criminal activity which seems to be accepted and often feted in the culture of the community. Most of those negative interactions are generated by those running away from the police or appearing to threaten an officer’s life with a weapon. In many cases, the weapon is the individual’s bulked-up body or drug-addled state.

The fact is that if 6’ 4” 230-pound George Floyd would have complied with police commands, there may have been no need to have taken him to the ground or used excessive force. And, I am unsure of the role underlying medical conditions and drug use played in the overall scenario.]

Crime exists where neighborhoods are destabilized because of a system of institutions that produce economic inequity and underfunded schools.

[OCS: Schools are failing because of the corrupt politicians and unions that refuse to allow parents to escape bad schools and vote with vouchers. The unions look on students as a plantation they own and harvest, turning out decade-after-decade of functional illiterates. The schools are fully funded, but the money siphoned off to fund facilities built by special interests, provide life-long employment and perks to incompetent teachers, and to fund underfunded pensions. Poor people are capable of learning – but the schools have become babysitters, indoctrination centers, and community cafeterias. They pander to the lowest common denominator, holding the best and brightest from achieving more.]

But policing is not responsible for, nor can it solve unemployment, poor housing and concentrated poverty.

[OCS: It is the Democrats who are maintaining this subclass for political benefits. Again, we find progressive socialist democrats in a city denying big box stores building permits unless they unionize. Or onerous rules and regulations that allow a burger-flipper to earn a minimum of $30K. Or injecting more poverty and illiteracy into the community by welcoming an unending stream of illegal aliens and life-long indigents]

This is an opportunity to address the issues of societal dysfunction and bring societal repair and change. We don’t need to be a better version of what we are; We need to be something entirely different. We need to produce a society designed to meet people's needs, rather than one based solely on the pursuit of wealth, largely at the expense of the Black and Latinx communities.

[OCS: Whoops! There it is … those who favor socialism and communism over capitalism and are looking to change the system. And, if you believe Marx, you bring about a revolution by inciting class warfare and racial divisions. By burdening the system until it collapses and needs an authoritarian government to manage the chaos.] 

We are currently in the midst of a global pandemic, the likes of which the world has never seen. This crisis has shown that this country cannot survive Without mass transit operators, without grocery store workers, without sanitation workers, without delivery drivers, without health care workers. It is the everyday worker who is keeping this country moving forward. These workers aren't even making enough to live in the city that they're dying in. This! is an opportunity to re-envision society. An opportunity to provide Angelenos work with a purpose that is people-focused and not profit-focused - work that comes with the dignity of a living wage and quality healthcare.

[OCS: More socialist and communist talking points about things that have nothing to do with policing. Do they ever speak of freedom, liberty, and individual responsibility? No, it is always the systemic and collective fault -- which rightly belongs to the Democrats.]

A city’s budget is a reflection of a government’s values, principles and priorities.

[OCS: This is bullpucky. A budget should reflect the needs of the people – the legal, law-abiding citizens – not a government’s values.]

For the last week, the people of Los Angeles, advocates, and organizers-across the City have demanded a reshaping of the City's budget.

[OCS: The usual gang of progressive socialist democrats and communists. They should be demanding the end to the lawless insurrection they caused and promoted with their racial nonsense and Trump hatred.]

While a complete overhaul of the City's budget will take time, we can begin to slowly dismantle those systems that are designed to harm.people of color. A preliminary cut to the LAPD budget will not solve everything, but it's a step in the right direction to become the city we aspire to be.

[OCS: We do not need a complete overhaul of the City’s budget, we need to get rid of racist socialists and communists that foment racial dissent to gain or maintain political power – the Democrat Party and the unions. You do not make a city safer by disabling law enforcement with budget cuts.]

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council instruct the City Administrative Officer and Chief Legislative Analyst, with assistance from the Mayor, work to identify at least $ 100-$ 150 million of cuts from the Los Angeles Police Department's budget.

I FURTHER MOVE that the City Council instruct City Administrative Officer and Chief Legislative Analyst to provide recommendations on reinvesting these funds back into disadvantaged communities and communities of color.

[OCS: I have an idea – use the money to flood the inner cities with police to rid us of thugs, criminals, and drug dealers.]



Bottom line…

Reform starts with kicking the progressive socialist democrats out of power. To crackdown on domestic terrorism in the guise of protest. And, quit welcoming illegal aliens and releasing criminals into our communities. Dump the unions and the budgetary and educational problems will solve themselves.

The cause of continual racism is the Democrats – time for a change. Voting Democrat has produced nothing but chaos, confusion, continuing "collective guilt" and racism. Systemic racism is little more than a euphemism for decades of democrat failure, including Democrat-generated generational poverty. 

Less police protection, more reason to demand your Second Amendment rights for self-protection.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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