Can the GOP save our nation?

Facing an increasingly hostile media, many in the GOP either mouth platitudes or stay silent. The few that are willing to stand up for America, the Constitution, and what is left of conservatism talk a great game, but are mostly ineffective. Preferring to write letters, hold hearings, and publish reports that nobody reads.

With the exception of a few like Attorney General William Barr, few are willing to challenge the opposition and hold them accountable for the damage they have done to our country.

What now?

Spare me the bullpucky of "if only." If only we won the House of Representatives. If only we won the Senate. If only we won the Presidency. We did all that, and all we got was feckless leadership who thought bipartisanship was a positive, especially when the GOP gave the opposition what they wanted, albeit at a slower pace.

Spare me the bullpucky of the necessity to secure another Supreme Court Justice so we could counter the opposition. What good did that do when two "media-advertised" conservatives voted with the liberal opposition to deliver a repugnantly wrong ruling? Some say to demonstrate the integrity of the Court, when the truth is that both Justices appear to be timid cowards seeking media approval.

President Donald Trump is not your typical president. He creates and thrives on chaos. He has no shame as he tells lies, lies about lying, and, when presented with recorded evidence, simply ignores the proof and changes the conversation. However, even as an accidental president, he manages to do the right thing for the American people. It is a given that he is not a classic, smooth-talking politician because he actually attempts to do what he promises, even when under a 24/7 attack from the opposition and the media.

Considering that the opposition is offering us a cognitively impaired individual unfit to assume the Presidency and knowing a cadre of socialists and communists will be pulling the strings, what other choice do we have but stay the course and hope for the best?

How can we overcome the special interests with their big money and engaging lobbyists? How can we overcome lawyers who are money-whores and seek to protect their clients from the consequences of their criminal acts? How can we overcome a corporatized media that omits favorable stories and shamelessly lies profusely?

But, most of all, how can we overcome a corrupt Congress that makes their own rules and exempts themselves from the consequences of their legislation? What do we do about a well-educated, well-spoken corrupt Congressman like Adam Schiff (D-CA)?

Part of the answer...

Madison-cawthornConsider Madison Cawthorn who won the GOP runoff in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District for former Rep. Mark Meadows (R), who now serves as the White House chief of staff. Overcoming a near-fatal traffic accident in 2014, Cawthorn has the stamina, energy, drive,  outlook, and type of conservatism that our nation needs. Of course, Meadows and Trump backed his opposition, a close friend of Meadow's wife, because they thought she would win handily. Cawthorn will be 25 during the November election and this will make him one of the youngest Members of Congress should he win the general election. He is still wheelchair-bound but looking toward medicine and technology to provide additional mobility.

I don't have the answers.

They must come from "We the People" much like they did when the Tea Party made a difference.

Look around you as socialists, communists, and anarchists destroy our history, our institutions, our Constitution, our public and private property, and individuals that dare stand up to the mob.

It is coming time for citizen-soldiers to stand up and fight the tyranny that is plaguing our nation. Speaking of liberty, freedom, individual responsibility, and above all, the sanctity of the family unit and parental rights...

How will you vote?

Are you willing to fight those who would disarm you to create a large pool of victims susceptible to the opposition and armed thugs?

Or, are we really screwed?

-- steve

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