Tesla’s Elon Musk, a progressive icon, publishes a cryptic tweet that suggests he is recommending people take a “truth” pill …


The communists at the New York Times freak out and attempt to warn Musk off by suggesting the “truth pill” is associated with racism and prejudiced against women…


Can’t have individuals pursuing the truth, they may realize that the New York Times has been lying for years on behalf of radical progressives and attacking unbelievers…

Tesla Owners Try to Make Sense of Elon Musk’s ‘Red Pill’ Moment
A liberal status symbol now has a founder who is moving to the right.

Owning a Tesla, the luxurious electric car, is a major liberal status symbol. It signals nothing more than good taste — the perfect balance of wealth with care for fossil fuels. But the man behind the brand is crafting a very different persona online that may now prove to be a challenge for his fans.

Elon Musk, the bombastic head of Tesla and SpaceX, exhorted his 34 million Twitter followers on Sunday to “take the red pill.” The comment was quickly embraced by his followers, including Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s elder daughter, who announced that she had taken the pill already.

The exchange referred to a scene from “The Matrix,” the 1999 science fiction action film. But the meaning of “red pill,” and the idea of taking it, have since percolated in online forums and become a deeply political metaphor. And with Mr. Musk and Ms. Trump, the phrase is now lodged more fully into the mainstream

So Tesla owners are having to grapple with a car that carries a few new connotations.

[OCS: Only in the pages of the New York Times would a reporter attempt to rebrand an expensive electric luxury vehicle for virtue-signaling progressives as a symbol of hate because of a single Tweet by the vehicle’s manufacturer CEO.]

“Honestly, Musk is becoming a liability and the Tesla board needs to seriously consider ousting him,” wrote Markos Moulitsas, author of “The Resistance Handbook: 45 Ways to Fight Trump.” “And I say that as a proud owner of a Tesla and a SpaceX fanatic who truly appreciates what he’s built.”

[OCS: Notice the use of a third-party to suggest than an individual’s professional life should be destroyed because he dared to Tweet a cryptic message. The fact that this virtue-signaling nobody is commenting on a man whose accomplishments are literally out-of-this-world only points to the moral bankruptcy of the New York Times.]

So what is the red pill?

In “The Matrix,” the movie’s hero, Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, is given the option to take a pill that lets him see the truth.

[OCS: The “truth” is the last thing you will find in the pages of the New York Times. The paper who minimized the Holocaust and gave cover to Stalin’s mass murder of Ukrainian people. The paper’s editorial board is so invested in the Democrat Party that they could be the media arm of the Democratic National Committee. Speaking of truth – they have been publishing Clinton fables for years – even preceding those fables of the Obama Administration.]

The world he thinks is real turns out to be an entertaining lie; his body is actually trapped in a farm where people are being used as human batteries. Taking the blue pill would let him return to living in the ignorant but blissful lie, while taking the red pill would launch him into an arduous journey through a brutal but fulfilling reality.

[OCS: I wonder if the authors and producers of the Matrix actually considered the color of the pill to be representative of today’s political parties? The pleasant lies embraced by the Democrat “blues” and the brutal truth of the Republican ‘reds.”]

The idea of taking the red pill later grew to mean waking up to society’s grand lies. It was embraced by the right, especially by members of its youngest cohort who organized and spent their time in online forums like Reddit and 4chan.

The truth to be woken up to varied, but it ended up usually being about gender. To be red-pilled meant you discovered that feminism was a scam that ruined the lives of boys and girls. In this view, for a male to refuse the red pill was to be weak.


Red Pill forums were often filled with deeply misogynistic and often racist diatribes. The more extreme elements splintered into groups like involuntary celibates (“incels”) or male separatists (Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOWs). Conferences like the 21 Convention and its sister convention, Make Women Great Again, sprang up to gather red-pilled men. Being red-pilled became a sort of umbrella term for all of it.


As these conversations seeped into the mainstream, pulled along by a host of other internet language from message boards to establishment Republican conversations on sites like Breitbart, the meaning broadened and got watered down. To be red-pilled can now mean being broadly skeptical of experts, to be distrustful of the mainstream press or to see hypocrisy in social liberalism.

[OCS: In a backhanded way, they have accidently told the truth. We have a right to be skeptical of “experts” – especially the ones who have been wrong so many times.

This article is proof positive why you should distrust a mainstream press that seeks to destroy individual lives because something they said or did runs counter to their political ideology.

And today’s social liberalism, in essence disguised communism, is not only hypocritical but a clear and present danger to freedom and a civil society.]

What’s going on with Elon Musk?     

Covid-19, and someone very concerned simultaneously about the environment, the economy, my kids’ and my parents’ future, this ain’t great,” said Jeff Guilfoyle, a product manager at FireEye in San Diego. “This disease is no joke, and the long-term health impacts are unknown for survivors.”

[OCS: Change the subject: make it about the Communist Chinese Coronavirus instead of the botched response by largely Democrat governors.

FireEye, you mean the company that tracked the Russian interference in our elections? As far as I know, the only people colluding with the Russians and interfering with the election were Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and Barack Obama and his cadre of top-level intelligence, law enforcement, and State Department stooges.]

Many have implored Mr. Musk online to stop.

Raja Sohail Abbas, the chief executive of an outpatient psychiatric clinic in Allentown, Pa., wrote: “I am a Tesla owner and love the company. You have to stop being an idiot about this.”

“Tesla owner and Fan here, but this was a disappointing tweet despite the frustrations of and holdups,” added Alex Goodchild, a D.J. in Brooklyn. “Words are weapons especially when used during situations like the one we’re currently experiencing. You sound just like Trump in this tweet.”

The debate has riven the Tesla community.

[OCS: Does anyone want to abandon their Tesla over a Tweet? I think not.]

“The last two months, there’s been this polarization in the Elon Musk fan club,” said Paula Timothy-Mellon, a technology consultant who moderates that LinkedIn-based fan club, which has 22,000 members. “There are those who are believers in these California guidelines and there are those in favor of his push to re-open Tesla.”

Driving a Tesla often carries great symbolism for the owner (and observers).

If you own a Tesla, you feel you are directly connected to Elon Musk and people think that Tesla owners are directly connected to the politics of the C.E.O.,” said Sam Kelly, a Tesla owner and investor based in Spain who posts under the name SamTalksTesla.

[OCS: A Ferrari carries more prestige and social clout – but I doubt any Ferrari owner considers the union-driven communists in Italy or even knows who the head of Ferrari might be.]

He added that he did not think the red pill comment meant any big new political awakening from Mr. Musk.

Asked to explain his thinking, Mr. Musk pasted an image of the Urban Dictionary definition of red pill in an email. It read:

“‘Red pill’ has become a popular phrase among cyberculture and signifies a free-thinking attitude, and a waking up from a ‘normal’ life of sloth and ignorance. Red pills prefer the truth, no matter how gritty and painful it may be.” <Source>  

Bottom line…

Who is against the truth?

Who is willing to stand up to question what “science” can be reliable enough to inform draconian public policies, which scientists are putting aside their activism (if any), where are the well-credentialed contrarian scientists, and which politicians are acting on behalf of their constituency and which ones on behalf of themselves, their party, and their ideology?

Indeed, the New York Times cannot be trusted – as they have proven time-after-time. The idea that they would attack Elon Musk over such a trivial issue as a Tweet is little more than revenue-generating clickbait and ideological idiocy.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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