There was never any doubt in my mind that Karl Rove’s sock puppet, George Bush, was not a conservative and not that much different from a Kennedy, Kerry, or Biden family member living off the hard work of others. So I am not surprised to find former President Bush shilling for the un-American progressive socialist democrats as if he were another progressive community organizer gathering the flock before an important election.


From the Pravda of the West, the New York Times…

Bush Calls for Unity. Trump Attacks Bush. And Then a Host of Others.

WASHINGTON — President Trump had a quick reaction on Sunday after former President George W. Bush called for national unity. He attacked Mr. Bush.

[OCS: Truth-be-told, it wasn’t so much a call to national unity, but a campaign advertisement for the Democrat party featuring such progressive activist icons as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Maria Schriver, Julia Roberts, Tim Shriver, and others. All professionally packaged by the anti-Trump Hollywood cabal. Can someone point out the constitutional conservatives in the name of diversity and inclusiveness?]

National unity, Mr. Trump made clear, was not on his agenda for the day, even as the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the country passed 67,000 and tens of millions of out-of-work Americans struggled to get by.

[OCS: National unity my ass … the Democrats are the party of division, divisiveness, and class warfare. The last thing they want is a unified America – acting as Americans – and not hyphenated-Americans with loyalties to other sovereign nations or toxic ideologies.]

Amid the death and devastation, the president was busy not only assailing Mr. Bush but another predecessor as well, embracing a fringe conspiracy theory to accuse former President Barack Obama of masterminding a “hoax” to take him down. Mr. Trump also attacked a prominent Democratic congressman, denigrated the news media and threatened to withhold aid to states hard hit by the virus unless they bowed to his demands on immigration policy.

[OCS: Death and devastation have never stopped the Democrats from advancing the progressive agenda or attacking their enemies – no matter how much collateral damage is inflicted on ordinary individuals. Just ask Rahm Emanuel or the other Democrats willing to exploit a crisis. Truth-be-told, much of the death and devastation can be traced to Democrat governors and partisan politicians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

There is solid, documented evidence, and proof that presidential candidate Trump was spied upon and attacked with coordination from the highest levels of the Obama Administration, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the Democratic National Committee. This is not a fringe conspiracy. Neither was the Holocaust or Stalin’s mass murder of the Ukrainians except in the pages of the New York Times.

As for denigrating the news media, one needs only to point to the deception of the New York Times, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and other mainstream media to see that Trump’s attack on the dishonesty and duplicity of the media is justified.

Much of the aid requested by the states, especially those governed by Democrats, is necessary to paper-over decades of mismanagement, malfeasance, and profligate spending. That states should be rewarded for openly flouting federal immigration laws which imperils the American public and the safety and security of America is unacceptable. One need only to look at the diversion of funds into the pockets of specials interests to build California's low-medium speed train to nowhere that will never survive without government subsidies and mandates. Perhaps California should use that money to help pay down the trillion dollar plus unfunded pension liabilities in the state. To demand that taxpayer assistance be provided to illegal aliens and interlopers with no legal basis for being in the United States is crazy. And it is not only Mexicans, but Russians, Ukrainians, Iranians, the Chinese, and others.] 

Then he planned to end his day with a long appearance on Fox News aimed not at speaking to the country as a whole but to his political base six months to the day before the November election, headlining a virtual “town hall” on the pandemic at the Lincoln Memorial, named for another previous president who famously once warned that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

[OCS: Considering its ratings and its high ranking in media polls, it is no wonder the progressives attack Fox at each and every turn. To be sure, Fox carries partisan commentary as well as journalistic news, but they don’t pretend that their commentators are journalists and that biased stories are “news.” What are the chances that CNN, NBC, or MSNBC would have given the President the time to say his piece – or, even worse, provided the audience numbers that would justify such an appearance?]

The messages of the day underscored once again that Mr. Trump does not view the presidency in the same way as its previous occupants, favoring combativeness over conciliation even in times of national crisis. For Mr. Trump, it is a formula that has worked and one that finds him at his most comfortable and confident.

[OCS: Damn straight he is not like former presidents – he did not sell out his nation like Jimmy Carter, the father of Islamo-fascism and a hostile Iran, Bill Clinton, who used the White House as a cash-generating machine and allowed North Korea to go nuclear (not to mention assisting the Communist Chinese to improve the accuracy of their missiles), or Barack Obama who essentially provided a nuclear pass to an America-hating Iran, as well as having a more corrupt administration than Bill Clinton. Benghazi tells you more about Obama than bin Laden.

Damn right Trump is a fighter and not an appeaser like Obama and his cadre of communists – giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies.

And Skippy, let us not forget that no president has been attacked so viciously and relentlessly by the media from the day he announced his candidacy to the present day – with more expected tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.]

He regularly scorns the notion that he should be more “presidential,” dismissing that concept as weak and boring. But it is at moments like this that his departure from the norms of his office becomes most evident.

[OCS: What the New York Times means is being quiet and letting the media generate and promote their narrative. Those predecessors that followed the norms were not under attack day-by-day by the media.]

Mr.Trump, who spent the weekend at Camp David in his first getaway since most of the nation began locking down in mid-March, seemed peeved at a three-minute video message posted by Mr. Bush that made no mention of the current president but warned against partisanship in a time of peril.

[OCS: Partisanship in times of peril – you mean like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holding up emergency funding unless she got non-emergency partisan projects included in the legislation? You mean like House Intelligence Committee Chair Representative Adam Schiff ignoring intelligence that something was happening in China as he pursued the unconstitutional Trump impeachment effort?]

Let us remember how small our differences are in the face of this shared threat,” Mr. Bush said in the professionally produced video set against music and photographs of medical workers helping victims of the virus and of ordinary Americans wearing masks. “In the final analysis, we are not partisan combatants. We are human beings, equally vulnerable and equally wonderful in the sight of God. We rise or fall together, and we are determined to rise.”

[OCS: We are facing the greatest ideological threat since Islam … all from a fifth column of un-American progressive socialist democrats seeking to fundamentally transform our nation into an authoritarian socialist paradise where everyone is equal – equally poor, disadvantaged, and unhappy. Well not everyone – everyone except the elite leadership and their special interest friends who help them gain and maintain political power.]

Mr. Bush’s video message was part of a series of videos aired online as part of a 24-hour live-streamed project, “The Call to Unite,” that also featured Oprah Winfrey, Tim Shriver, Julia Roberts, Martin Luther King III, Sean Combs, Quincy Jones, Naomi Judd, Andrew Yang and others.

Mr. Bush has never been a fan of his fellow Republican president. Mr. Trump defeated his brother Jeb Bush for the nomination in 2016 and has criticized the 43rd president’s record repeatedly. Mr. Bush refused to support Mr. Trump that fall, saying he had voted for “none of the above” instead. While disturbed by Mr. Trump’s leadership, Mr. Bush has largely kept quiet since then with a couple of notable exceptions, such as a speech in New York and a eulogy for Senator John McCain that were seen as implicit rebukes of the incumbent.

[OCS: This should surprise nobody … Bush was an aisle-hopping RINO much in the same manner as Senator John McCain whose great initiatives mirrored the agenda of the Democrat Party.]

<To read the screed in full and in context, it may be found at Bush Calls for Unity. Trump Attacks Bush. And Then a Host of Others..>

Bottom line…

With the corrupt and complicit mainstream media, the message is always “anti-Trump, all of the time.” Perhaps George should stick to his primitive painting and quiet good works and leave his comments to his puppet-master, Karl Rove.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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