There was a time when Matt Drudge and his “night-man” Andrew Breitbart used to be the go-to source for a majority of media types, both journalists and commentators. With a center-right outlook, most of the headlines informed the stories and commentary of the day – or certainly the next day. With its easy-to-use links to major media sources and popular commentators/columnists, it was the first step in watching the world. I cannot say enough good things about the early Drudge Report.

But, over time, something changed. The Drudge Report morphed from a reliable, dependable source of relevant information to something quite different. Almost as if an activist/agitator was acting on behalf of the Democratic National Committee. to highlight anti-Trump, anti-Administration headlines worthy of a DNC media operation.

At a time when the major news of the day were revelations of historic proportions involving the corruption in the Obama Administration and its premier departments and agencies, the headlines were something more provocative and more likely to be another diversion from the developing unprecedented scandal.


Another example that fails to highlight stories that noted that most of the destruction of the U.S. economy were the result of progressive governors who were ill-prepared to respond to the Chinese Coronavirus Virus pandemic. 

drudge-full elex jones

Or, do the headlines simply capture the progressive-bias of today’s media outlets?

2020-05-08 21_51_55-Greenshot

Bottom line…

What happened? Did someone purchase or invest money in the Drudge Report? Is Matt Drudge no longer the driving force behind this media monster? Is Drudge being influenced by the likes of Ann Coulter and Alex Jones?

Remember, news can be manipulated by omission as well as by other means.

I want to hear from the reclusive Matt Drudge.

-- steve

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