There is no doubt in my mind that California does not have a budgetary problem, we have a prioritization problem in a state governed by progressive socialist democrats…


Newsom’s lies and idiocy on display for all Californians to see…


TAPPER: Well, the House passed a bill on Friday night with money for states, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has suggested it's dead on arrival. Can you explain what you think will happen to California if the federal government doesn't give you money to help you out? 

NEWSOM: Well, these same folks that say it's dead on arrival, I hope they will consider this.

The next time they want to salute and celebrate our heroes, our first responders, our police officers and firefighters, consider the fact that they are the first ones that will be laid off by cities and counties.

[OCS: This is the typical progressive socialist democrat bullpucky and extortion to threaten the health and welfare of individuals during times of budgetary shortfalls.

Truth be told, it is the sworn duty of all elected officials to prioritize the expenditure of funds to first provide for the public’s safety (law enforcement and fire protection), the public’s health (emergency responders and acute health facilities), and critical infrastructure (water, electricity, sanitation, communications) and these take precedent over all non-essential government workers and discretionary programs.

The fact that the governor suggests that this would be tolerated by the state without consequences is unconscionable. But, then again, this is the Governor who advances the rights of illegal aliens over the lawful residents of California.]

The folks that are out there, the true heroes of this pandemic are health care workers and nurses. Those county health systems have been ravaged. Their budgets have been devastated and depleted, their budget counts depleted since this pandemic. They're the first ones to be laid off.

[OCS: The county health systems were ravaged prior to the Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic, mostly by an influx of indigents and illegal aliens who use critical care facilities for their primary care. Add to that California’s restrictive healthcare policies which disadvantage healthcare facilities and practitioners in favor of the special interests who lobby the Democrat-governed State of California and supply the majority of campaign funds to politicians willing to sell their votes.  That local and state government cannot correctly prioritize their expenditure of funds or fund non-essential programs and projects is the root cause of budgetary shortfalls.]

So, we have got to square our rhetoric with the reality. Twenty percent of Americans are unemployed. In a few weeks, over 100,000 Americans will have lost their lives. These are Depression era unemployment numbers, and we have to own up to that.

[Newsom’s lies and radical progressive socialist democrat rhetoric can never be squared with reality. The truth is that he is not in charge of the United States and would do well to concentrate on California’s problems. The fact that he is running for the 2024 Democrat presidential nomination colors his thinking and he is likely to say or do anything which advances his personal agenda over the needs of Californians.]

So, I'm not looking to score cheap political points, but I do want to make this point, Jake. We have an obligation, a moral, an ethical obligation to American citizens all across this country to help support cities, states and counties.

[OCS: This is a lie. And there is no moral obligation for the citizens of prudently-managed states to pay for states whose profligate spending on non-essential, politically-expedient programs has crippled their state’s finances.]

TAPPER: You talked about the budget surplus that California had.

There are some who say that California wasn't in great financial shape. Stanford Professor Joe Nation, a former Democratic state lawmaker, says that California has more than a trillion dollars in pension debt.

And just six months before the crisis began, he warned that -- quote -- "Even a mini-recession in which pension systems assets fall by one- half, Great Recession levels, would be a horrible development. Schools and municipal governments would be forced to cut even further. Taxpayers would be asked to chip in more. Public employees would face layoffs and salary cuts" -- unquote.

How much of the crisis you're in right now is due to preexisting financial obligations?


[OCS: Another lie. California’s pension problems are well-known and caused by the overwhelming corruption between the public employee unions and the corrupt politicians they support. The entire enterprise is actuarially unsound with union members being able to purchase additional years – and retiring employees given time-in-grade or salary bumps to increase their pensions. Government pensions exceed those in the private sector and given that a great number of government workers are non-essential, the system cannot be regarded as self-sustaining.

California’s budget is an accounting fiction, with billions of dollars held in reserves or dedicated funds year-after-year to generate interest income rather than be used for their designated purpose. Like Social Security, California borrows from restricted funds and replaces actual money with worthless interest-bearing state obligations that help balance the books but are, in actuality, worthless.]

That $54.3 billion is direct result of COVID-19. Just a few months ago, I introduced my January budget with, again, a projected surplus. We paid off 100 percent of our wall of debt we had paid -- we had inherited over seven or eight years ago.

[OCS: This is a lie! Pension debt has been increasing year-after-year as has the State’s profligate expenditures on non-essentials and illegal aliens. There is no surplus if the pensions were correctly funded.]

We were using $9.13 billion of the surplus last year to pay down long- term pension obligations. So, Joe is absolutely right as it relates to the unfunded liabilities that states all across this country are facing. But it relates to the operating accounts of the state.

[OCS: Yada. Yada. Yada. The State does not have a surplus and spending is through the roof.]

They were never healthier, the reserves never higher. And so this is a direct result of a global pandemic manifesting in different ways all across this world, around the globe, and across this country.

[OCS: Yeah Right!]

And so I, with respect, will just caution people to look at this as a frame of charity, when it's fundamental purpose of government. It's to protect people's safety and to protect their well-being.

[OCS: Charity? Why should we help those who refuse to mend their ways and help themselves? California, one of the most productive economies, is not deserving of charity – especially from states like West Virginia.]

This is a moment where we need to meet the moment head on and acknowledge this is not a red issue or a blue issue. This has impacted every state in America.

[OCS: Bullpucky – this is a “blue issue” with most of the budgetary shortfalls, profligate spending, and corrupt government located in areas governed by progressive socialist democrats.]


Bottom line…

As long as the State of California is governed by progressive socialist democrats and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like Arnold Schwarzenegger, we are well and truly screwed. Even if we elect Republicans to state office, they are likely to continue the endemic political corruption in California – claiming “it is now our turn to get ours.” Where are the patriots? Where are the constitutional conservatives? It appears they might be in Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, and Texas.

-- steve

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