While we continue to excoriate the un-American progressive socialist democrats for exploiting the current COVID-19 pandemic to advance their radical authoritarian progressive agenda, let us not forget the highly-paid corporate executives and businessmen who are using the pandemic to excuse poor past performance and execute reductions in force without media and public outcry.


The vast majority of businesses today are postponing their capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX). Many are allocating resources only to the core, cash-producing products and services.

Some, as part of the cost reduction regimen, are cutting back on traditional advertising – and in some cases, discovering that their advertising was ineffective and unlikely to be repeated when this recession passes.

We are seeing companies outsourcing more non-core services better performed by others, mostly specialized business processing outsourcing companies who are willing to share the savings generated by economies of scale in the form of lower costs. We are also seeing nervous and scared executives engage consultants to provide plausible deniability for any accidental or deliberate adverse consequences—especially those managers who want to distance themselves from the distasteful task of laying off employees.

While financial institutions are touting their customer-care programs, you are not seeing the lobbyist-driven politicians calling for economic reforms for a system of legal “usury.”


Bottom line…

With all of the wonderful things that individual executives and companies are doing for their employees or their broader communities, there will always be those executives who exploit the company’s resources for their greater glory. Much in the same manner, politicians are purchasing votes and influence with taxpayer funds.

There is one positive outcome of the pandemic; it has concentrated our focus on the individuals, organizations, products, and services that really count to make our life sustainable and enjoyable.  One positive consequence of Rahm’s observation is that necessity is overcoming many of the politically-enforced mini-monopolies that are promoted by special interests. Like using telemedicine, the widespread use of well-qualified Nurse-Practitioners to deliver quality healthcare, and long-distance learning, which is making a mockery of expensive educational institutions teaching decades-old material.

While one can find many positive acts of courage, charity, and sacrifice, you can also encounter self-serving narcissists who will exploit anyone and any opportunity.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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