There is no doubt that the un-American progressive socialist Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts continue to excoriate President Trump over testing for the Wuhan virus. Both the active test and the post-infection antibody tests are the current focus of the attack. The politicians cry, “there are not enough tests,” as if testing people will mitigate the damage to our republic and our economy.

But will there ever be enough tests?

Even though testing is of limited value as you can become infected moments later after the test or possibly re-infected later, this is the straw man argument used to keep the economy shuttered for the political benefit of the Democrats.

It appears that the mayors and governors of some states are attempting to extort money from the federal government by predicating re-starting local businesses based on specious testing criteria.

The longer the state remains sheltered in place, the greater pressure on the population -- which translates to greater pressure on the federal politicians to bail out states for pre-virus budget shortfalls and unfunded pension liabilities.

Instead of prioritizing expenditures and eliminating non-essential employees and programs, these mayors want to dip into everyone’s pocket to redress their own incompetency and profligate spending. The goal, of course, is to secure their political position, perks, privileges, and profits—all while their constituency suffers -- some with life-altering consequences and the loss of life-long savings.

Let us not forget that testing proves nothing – we must still protect the most vulnerable among us, if not from COVID-19, then the seasonal flu, or pneumonia – whatever. Let us remember, the great shuttering was designed to flatten the curve -- not the curve of people stricken or dying, but the curve relating to healthcare resources. All of this suffering was to prevent the government from looking bad and unprepared as much as it was to be able to care for the sick. In the process, all elective surgeries were canceled, medical personnel furloughed, and hospital finances crippled. What laid us low was not the number of beds or the number of ventilators, but the lack of personal protective gear for the nurses and caregivers. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom paying a Chinese company $500 million up-front on a billion-dollar contract for PPE. Of course, he refuses to release the details of the transaction, with some claiming he needs the secrecy to keep the federal government from swooping in and confiscating the supplies. BYD, the company with ties to the Communist Chinese government, has no known expertise for manufacturing PPE, their expertise lies in electric vehicles and lithium batteries. Talk about rewarding our enemies and ignoring Americans? 

Massive wealth distribution...

Why should the citizens of states who have fiscal responsibility, sensible spending, and lower taxes provide funds to states who are giving money and support services to illegal aliens?

Why should we bail out pension funds that are the product of policies created by corrupt politicians and their union cronies?

We are borrowing money from past, current, and future citizens to redistribute money to others -- many unworthy of consideration -- to save political jobs.

Bottom line...

Can anyone explain why, in the face of the newest spending bill expansion from one-quarter trillion to one-half trillion -- with the Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer getting virtually everything they wanted -- the Republicans are celebrating this as a great victory? Perhaps, I would, too, if it wasn’t my money and I was immune from the consequences of my actions.

This is Venezuelan economics. The government is sending billions to cities, counties, and states and their special interests while men and women who have worked their whole lives, saved their entire lives are as financially dead as if they were stricken with the virus. Talk about inequality and disparity between the rich and the poor – how about taking a closer look at the gap between those in the public sector and those in the private sector?

Where did the 2.2 trillion in previously authorized spending go? Why is Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a big-spending progressive, allowed to bankrupt the nation?

Why are petty tyrants telling us what to do -- even though the numbers are murky and the path unclear?

When the final tally perhaps shows that the current pandemic was the equivalent of a bad flu season, who will we blame for the destruction of our republic, our economy, and our lives? We must blame us -- for allowing these reprobate politicians to hijack our republic and our economy. 

Do you realize that President Trump and the progressive socialist democrats have done more to advance the progressive agenda in four months than at any time in history?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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