Thousands are dead, dying, or suffering around the world because the World Health Organization’s leadership was compromised by the Communist Chinese government and coerced into spreading false and misleading health information that allowed time for the infectious and lethal Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus to spread further. The delay allowed the Wuhan virus to escape China and infect much of the globe.

It appears that the Director-General Tedros Adhanom, who owes his position to China’s influence, was repeating Communist Chinese propaganda while others were sounding the alarm. It does not appear that Tedros, as he is commonly known, was concerned that physicians and journalists who sounded the early alarm were disappearing or dying. At the same time, evidence of the viral outbreak’s origin was being destroyed. Or that international infectious disease experts were being denied access to the country. Even the glaring false statistics submitted by the Communist Chinese did not bring any significant degree of condemnation.

How many people remember Tedros saying, “If we invest in fighting at the epicenter, at the source, then the spread to other countries is minimal and also slow. If it’s minimal and slow, what is going outside can also be controlled easily. So the number of cases we have now, 151, is actually small, and it’s growing only slowly. I was very impressed in my meeting with President Xi at his detailed knowledge of the outbreak, his personal leadership, and his commitment as reflected in the words he told me. We will take serious measures at the epicenter, at the source, in order to protect our people, and also to prevent the spread of the virus to other countries.” <Source>

How many people remember that Tedros strongly objected to Trump’s early-on correct decision to impose travel restrictions on China, claiming it would “have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit?” Or that the progressive socialist democrats loudly accused Trump of racism and xenophobia – although his actions saved hundreds or maybe thousands of American lives?”

The politics continued when the WHO assistant director-general, Bruce Aylward, refused to answer a question in a TV interview about Taiwan’s denied membership in the WHO, first pretending he did not hear journalist Yvonne Tong’s question and then when it was repeated hung-up on the journalist. It is no secret that Communist China considers Taiwan to be a rogue Chinese province and refuses to recognize its status as a sovereign entity; encouraging others to also ignore the nation. 

President Trump’s response to alleged WHO corruption, misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance…


President Donald J. Trump Is Demanding Accountability From the World Health Organization
Issued on: April 15, 2020

"I will never hesitate to take any necessary steps to protect the lives, health, and safety of the American people. I will always put the well-being of America first.”
~ President Donald J. Trump

ACCOUNTABILITY FOR AMERICAN TAXPAYERS: President Donald J. Trump is holding the World Health Organization (WHO) accountable by putting a hold on United States funding.

  • President Trump is placing a hold on all funding to the WHO while its mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic is investigated.
  • The American taxpayers provide $400 million to $500 million in funding to the WHO each year, but the WHO has failed them.
    • China, on the other hand, provides just around one-tenth of the funding that the United States provides.
  • The American people deserve better from the WHO, and no more funding will be provided until its mismanagement, cover-ups, and failures can be investigated.
  • President Trump will continue fighting the coronavirus outbreak and will redirect global health aid to others directly engaged in the fight.

INVESTIGATING THE WHO’S FAILED RESPONSE: The WHO’s response to the coronavirus outbreak has been filled with one misstep and cover-up after another.

  • Despite the fact that China provides just a small fraction of the funding that the United States does, the WHO has shown a dangerous bias towards the Chinese government.
  • The WHO repeatedly parroted the Chinese government’s claims that the coronavirus was not spreading between humans, despite warnings by doctors and health officials that it was.
    • Taiwan contacted the WHO on December 31 after seeing reports of human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus, but the WHO kept it from the public.
    • The WHO praised the Chinese government’s response throughout January and claimed there was no human-to-human transmission, despite the fact that doctors in Wuhan were warning there was.
    • The WHO decided on January 22 that the coronavirus did not pose a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, all while praising China’s response.
  • The WHO put political correctness over life-saving measures by opposing travel restrictions.
    • The WHO made the disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China and other countries—despite applauding travel restrictions within China itself—leading to further spread of the virus internationally.

STRUCTURAL ISSUES AND NECESSARY REFORMS: The WHO has longstanding structural issues that must be addressed before the organization can be trusted again.

  • The WHO has shown it was not prepared to prevent, detect, and respond to a severe infectious disease crisis like this.
  • The WHO lacks the structure to ensure accurate information and transparent data sharing from members, which makes it vulnerable to misinformation and political influence.
  • The United States seeks to refocus the WHO on fulfilling its core missions of preparedness, response, and stakeholder coordination.
  • The United States is also calling for reforms to promote transparency and data sharing, hold member states accountable for abiding by the International Health Regulations, increase access to medicines, and counter China’s outsized influence on the organization.


Nancy Pelosi’s response to President Trump…


Pelosi Statement on President Trump Halting WHO Funding
APRIL 15, 2020

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after President Trump announced that he would halt funding to the World Health Organization in the middle of the coronavirus crisis:

“The President’s halting of funding to the WHO as it leads the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic is senseless.”

“We can only be successful in defeating this global pandemic through a coordinated international response with respect for science and data. 

But sadly, as he has since Day One, the President is ignoring global health experts, disregarding science and undermining the heroes fighting on the frontline, at great risk to the lives and livelihoods of Americans and people around the world.

“This is another case, as I have said, of the President’s ineffective response, that ‘a weak person, a poor leader, takes no responsibility.  A weak person blames others.’”

[OCS: This is the next hoax … President Trump bungled the Wuhan Virus response; in essence, the old communist refrain: “The president lied and people died.”]

“This decision is dangerous, illegal and will be swiftly challenged.”  <Source>

[OCS: Under the President’s plenary powers to ensure that American funds are spent appropriately and do not provide aid and comfort to our enemies, the decision was prudent, practical, and by no means, illegal. That is, unless it is adjudicated in Adam Schiff’s super-secret Kangaroo Court in the basement of the House Building.]


Here is a concrete example of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a long-serving Member of Congress, demonstrating that she places corrupt partisan politics over the health and welfare of her nation. And she is not the only one carry water for the Chinese Communists because they believe it will hurt President Trump’s reelection bid or delegitimize his presidency should he be re-elected.

Here is Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy in an interview with Anderson Cooper…

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: Senator Murphy, I want to read you a tweet that you tweeted out February 5th about the White House's response at that time. You said, "Just left the Administration briefing on Coronavirus. Bottom-line, they aren't taking this seriously enough. Notably, no request for any emergency funding which is a big mistake. Local health systems need supplies, training, screening, staff et cetera. And they need it now." What did you see in the medium, what was the problem?

[OCS: It is not the constitutional role of the President, especially under the Tenth Amendment, to fund or direct the public health activities of the individual states. The fact that the Democrats are trying to “federalize the blame” to damage the President and members of his administration only speaks to the corruption and duplicity of the Democrats.]

SEN. CHRIS MURPHY (D-CT): Well, that was an extraordinary montage that you just played and that attitude was reflected in the meeting, inside that meeting in early February, where the President's top Coronavirus experts. It was led by then-Chief of Staff Mulvaney and Secretary of HHS Alex Azar and they were just incredibly confident that they had beaten Coronavirus. At that time, they were only a few cases here, they were reflecting what the President said in those clips because they thought that the travel bans have kept it out of the United States.
We told them that they needed money and they needed money fast in order to buy supplies, in order to hire more staff and they told us that they didn't need any funding, that they had everything that they needed. And I walked out of that closed-door briefing just with chills running down my spine because many of us on both sides of the aisle knew what this virus had done in China.

We knew it was a matter of time before it arrived here and it was shocking how cavalier the Administration was. This was at a time when the President really, you know, viewed this as a hoax. He said so on TV and the reason that we're in the crisis that we are today, is not because of anything that China did.

It's not because of anything that the WHO did. It's because of what this president did. He didn't take this virus seriously. We weren't going to be able to keep every case out of United States, but we didn't need tens of thousands this of people dying.

There you have it, the un-American progressive socialist democrats always distorting the truth to further their political agenda.

In the early days of the Wuhan virus outbreak, Trump’s team of distinguished medical advisers, including the renown Dr. Anthony Fauci, were telling the President that this wasn’t going to be any worse than the seasonal flu. This was repeated endlessly in the media echo chamber. Since each state was responsible for its own public health activities, professed to have adequate preparedness plans, and their own stockpiles of medical supplies, there was no need to amass quantities of medical supplies nor allocate billions of dollars of funding – some of which was subsequently directed by the progressive socialist democrats to fund the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and other entities that had nothing to do with the response to the Wuhan virus.

The truth may be more damaging to China, the WHO, and the Democrats…

Sources believe coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan lab as part of China's efforts to compete with US

There is increasing confidence that the COVID-19 outbreak likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory, though not as a bioweapon but as part of China's attempt to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States, multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China's government and seen relevant materials tell Fox News.

China's foreign ministry pushed back on the suspicion that the virus escaped from the facility, by citing statements from the World Health Organization that there is no evidence the coronavirus came from a laboratory. <Source>

Bottom line…

Perhaps the review should include Nancy Pelosi’s long-term relations with China, profits that the Pelosi family generated from insider business deals, and of course, why the Chinese spy on Nancy Pelosi’s staff for nearly twenty years was allowed to retire with a government pension instead of being tried, convicted, and imprisoned. What did he have on Nancy Pelosi, who was known to conduct official business in his presence, or what might the Chinese Communists have on Nancy Pelosi?

Correction: The spy was on Diane Feinstein's staff--not Nancy Pelosi's staff.] 

It appears that one of the greatest threats to American security and safety are those un-American progressive socialist democrats like Adam Schiff (D-CA), Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Diane Feinstein (D-CA) who have access to classified information and may have significant business dealings or campaign relations with Communist Chinese nationals.

We are so screwed.

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