The COVID-19  pandemic has plunged California — the world’s fifth-largest economy — into recession and has hit Californians hard. 

Driving the “recovery” is Governor Gavin Newsom’s hand-picked group of well-heeled progressives who are all representative of special interests with business pending before the State of California. Their wealth, position, power, or political connections isolate them from the consequences of their public policy decisions and recommendations that will guide the recovery effort. 


The truth…

(1)  The COVID-19 pandemic did not cause California’s recession. The decimation of the world’s fifth-largest economy was created by public policies promulgated by the un-American progressive socialist democrats that control almost every aspect of California’s governance. You can practically hear them chuckle as they shut down businesses and impose authoritarian controls on the California population.

(2)   Hyper-partisan politics and big-money special interests will dominate the recovery.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has created an economic recovery council of 80 leaders from various sectors across the state to help shape recovery efforts from the current crisis that has ravaged the world’s fifth largest economy and pushed it into "a pandemic-induced recession."

Newsom announced the volunteer, non-partisan council Friday afternoon at his press briefing in Sacramento where he named some of its members, representing the “best and brightest minds we could source,” including all four living former California governors, business leaders, social justice warriors, tribal leaders, health care professionals and small business owners. Those governors include Jerry Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis and Pete Wilson, and others include Walt Disney executive chairman Bob Iger, Apple CEO Tim Cook, former federal reserve chair Janet Yellen, PolicyLink’s Angela Blackwell and more.

Newsom’s chief of staff Ann O’Leary will serve as co-chair alongside former presidential candidate and billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer, the latter of whom was on hand to offer remarks about why he’s joined the effort and read the group’s mission statement, saying it is to “develop a strategy to help California recover as fast and as safely as possible from the COVID-19 recession.” He added that the board-based effort, featuring leaders from both the public and private sector, will give particular focus to those hardest hit by the pandemic, including lower wage workers and those in underserved communities. <Source>

[OCS: Consider that the economic recovery counsel, co-chaired by Ann O’Leary (former senior policy advisor in the Bill Clinton Administration and legislative director to Senator Hillary Clinton) and progressive global warming nutcase billionaire Tom Steyer, is illustrative of the progressive and partisan nature of the committee.
Read the list of members here and consider what these people have in common with most Californians. The group includes Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong as the owner of the Los Angeles Times with no mention that he is the developer of a COVID-19 medication that he needs trialed and mass-manufactured at significant cost.]

(3)    Fiscal prudence will not be a consideration.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s projects will be given priority as Newsom prepares for a presidential run in 2024. Votes will be purchased and promises exchanged.

The public employees’ unions will be given major consideration.

State government employees will continue to receive full salaries and benefits – even while they are furloughed or idled.

Unions will continue to drive labor costs of any infrastructure spending upward, delay project completions, and demand that two or more individuals perform a single task.

Developers and landlords will continue to benefit from the infusion of funding for properties to house the homeless at premium – not discounted – prices.

Social justice warriors and poverty pimps will all demand carve-outs.

Providing support, including cash stipends, for illegal aliens will be a major consideration.

California will lobby the federal government to provide unrestricted funds that can be used to close a Democrat-created budget gap and help fund unfunded state pension liabilities.

California State pension funds will continue to invest in China, even though they are the proximate cause of the current crisis.

Government will expand.

Taxes will continue to rise to compensate for less state revenue caused by reduced state economic activity. A vicious spiral downward. 

The courts will continue to fund far-left causes with pre-arranged settlements between complicit parties.

(4)    Accounting systems will continue to be defective by design, and billions in special interest theft will be disguised in the catch-all of “waste, fraud, and abuse.”

(5)    Voting systems will be further compromised to optimize Democrat vote theft. Look for radical community organizers to lead the vote-stealing effort.

Bottom line…

The Economic Recovery Council is a joke being perpetrated on Californians by the progressive socialist democrats who have proven time-and-time-again that they will use any crisis to promote their toxic ideology, advance their progressive agenda, and claim that they are best serving Californians.

As with everything progressive, the un-American progressive socialist democrats achieve power by managing real or imagined scarcity and creating classes of victims who are promised a chance to redress their grievances in exchange for political power.

We are so screwed.

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