No matter what President Trump may say or tweet, the Constitution’s Tenth Amendment gives the right to impose quarantines, curfews, travel restrictions, business closures, and other police powers to the individual states… 

UPDATE: However -- using the Commerce Clause, it appears that the President can exert power over the states in the name of interstate commerce. 


Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom: a failed trust experiment!

The un-American progressive socialists have a pattern and practice of doubling down on failure, not because they are oblivious or incompetent (which they often are), but because chaos, panic, and scarcity are the keys to Democrat power. Essentially, creating a never-ending stream of victims who then are promised redress for their grievances in exchange for political power. However, anyone viewing the plight of the Blacks can see that billions of dollars have washed through Democrat’s hands and spent with special interests – and not a damn thing changed, especially in the inner cities governed by Democrats. Now they are preparing to do the very same thing to our magnificent and exceptional country with their economy-killing policies and stingy government giveaways.

In management, we have an old saying: managers manage the known, leaders manage the unknown, and agitators continually start crises that they promise to manage. Agitators who create their own crises in order to appear to be more than they are. Agitators who create a vicious cycle of never-ending problems with their ceaseless, mindless, harmful, wasteful, and unproductive behavior. Agitators who simply re-brand failure as success and move on to the next crisis before anyone has time to raise red flags or blows the whistle.

Consider that the two most populous and strategically important states, New York and California, are governed by near-incompetent Democrats who have presidential aspirations. New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to replace Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election cycle to set up a 2024 run for the presidency and California’s Governor Gavin Newsome, who is eyeing the 2024 presidential race. Both failed to prepare for a significant catastrophe in states prone to natural and man-made disasters. Both demand that the federal government bails them out financially even though their states were deep underwater with deficits and unfunded pension liabilities. Both willing to shut down their state’s economies with the flimsiest of evidence-based medicine. Creating an opportunity to plunder the public treasury as they selectively reopen their states.

Or consider Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) who ignored the unfolding disaster to sign bills including those on abortion, voting, climate change, LGBT issues, gun control, collective bargaining, minimum wage, and let us not forget Confederate monuments. All signed in silence on Easter weekend while his constituents suffer. Oblivious to the fact that the Green New Deal will make the COVID-19 crisis appear to be the good old days.

We are all now “inner city” residents at the mercy of the Democrats…

Other than the wealthy, the powerful, and the politically-connected who are immune from most day-to-day problems facing us all, we are all in the same rapidly sinking boat—inner-city residents governed by the Democrats.


Consider that the duplicitous, lying Adam Schiff (D-CA), Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, who is forming a House Committee to investigate the intelligence surrounding COVID-19 to evaluate the performance of President Trump and his Administration during the opening days of the pandemic. He is seeking subpoena power for his committee – no doubt, to subpoena Trump’s tax returns to see if Trump may have received federal assistance for his various properties.

Then there is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her new committee to monitor the disbursement of COVID-19 funds to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse. The very type of waste, fraud, and abuse that is customarily associated with the Democrats and their party.

The Democrats are moving from one cover-up to another before anyone realizes the degree of criminality associated with the Obama Administration and the Democrats in particular. Another ongoing attempt to impeach the President a second time or just to give the media permission to continue to disparage and demonize the President?

Bottom line…

Truth-be-told, I do not believe that the Governors have the ability or the competence to clean up the mess that they have created. Looking at the federal government for financial and logistical assistance as they continue to attack the President and his Administration. When are “We the People” going to say ENOUGH and elect problem solvers instead of ideologues at the local and state level?

We are now about to meet the challenges of the second phase of the COVID-19 crisis, the Democrat Disease whose symptoms are the decay and rot we will find in our economy and the erosion of our civil liberties.

Likewise, I do not believe that the GOP – except for Donald Trump – has the cojones to stand up to the Democrats and their mainstream media propaganda arm. It is almost as if the FBI compiled dossiers on the most prominent and influential Republicans and will leak the information to the media – resulting in the discovery of criminal wrongdoing or severe reputational damage that will cost them their cushy jobs, perks, privileges, and profits.

The question I want to ask is: how are these states allowed to avoid following the Constitution and federal immigration laws when it comes to sanctuary cities and to demand that federal assistance be given to illegal aliens -- and then demand that their states continue to receive federal aid and assistance. Now is the time to put demands on the federal funds being disbursed to the states.

What do you want to bet that these governors will drag heir feet in opening up businesses? Look for the new Democrat normal.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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