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There is no doubt that the 2001 terrorist attack on 9/11 remains on par with the sneak attack on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor…

In a class-action lawsuit, the victims and relatives of victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack are civilly suing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Federal Court for just compensation on the belief that Saudi Arabia was complicit in the attack and provided material aid and comfort to the 9/11 hijackers.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sought protection against the lawsuit on the grounds that, under the 1976 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, a foreign sovereign government enjoyed limitations from being prosecuted in U.S. Courts. However, in 2016, the law was partially superseded by the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act that allows U.S. citizens to sue foreign governments over terrorist acts carried out on American soil.

Beyond the classified 28-pages…

When the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 report was published in July 2003, a 28-page section on possible Saudi links to the attacks was completely redacted at the insistence of the George W. Bush administration. Bush claimed that releasing the material would ‘reveal sources and methods that would make it harder for us to win the war on terror.’” Many suggested that the decision was driven by the Bush family’s long-time close relations with high-ranking members of the Saudi government. Especially Bush’s close friend Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar who was affectionately nicknamed Bandar Bush.

Declassified on July 15, 2016, the 28-page section titled "Part IV: Finding, Discussion and Narrative Regarding Certain Sensitive National Security Matters," summarized investigative leads suggesting possible financial, logistical and other support provided to the hijackers and their associates by Saudi officials and others suspected of being Saudi agents. 

However, as much as Americans were promised a full and complete accounting of 9/11, it appears that the last thing the U.S. government wants is total openness and transparency.

How else can you believe otherwise when representatives of the U.S, government, including our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies, sneak into court to file briefs under seal? Briefs that are said to support the withholding of classified 9/11 documents – so secret that the very reason they are being withheld is also classified.

Attorney General Barr Refuses to Release 9/11 Documents to Families of the Victims

In a series of filings just before a midnight court deadline on Monday, the attorney general, William Barr; the acting director of national intelligence, Richard Grenell; and other senior officials insisted to a federal judge in the civil case that further disclosures about Saudi connections to the 9/11 plot would imperil national security.

But the administration insisted in court filings that even its justification for that secrecy needed to remain secret. Four statements to the court by FBI and Justice Department officials were filed under seal so they could not be seen by the public. An additional five, including one from the CIA, were shared only with the judge and cannot be read even by the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Barr insisted to the court that public discussion of the issue “would reveal information that could cause the very harms my assertion of the state secrets privilege is intended to prevent.”

The Justice Department has declassified some information about the Saudi role in 9/11 and shared it with lawyers for the plaintiffs under a protective order that allows them to read it but not make it public.<Source>

Let us not forget…

Our government gave preferential treatment to high-ranking Saudis, allowing them to overcome the national travel ban that grounded all civilian aircraft to leave the country without being interviewed by federal authorities.

THE REACH OF WAR: ARRANGED DEPARTURES; New Details on F.B.I. Aid for Saudis After 9/11

The episode has been retold so many times in the last three and a half years that it has become the stuff of political legend: in the frenzied days after Sept. 11, 2001, when some flights were still grounded, dozens of well-connected Saudis, including relatives of Osama bin Laden, managed to leave the United States on specially chartered flights.

Now, newly released government records show previously undisclosed flights from Las Vegas and elsewhere and point to a more active role by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in aiding some of the Saudis in their departure.

The F.B.I. gave personal airport escorts to two prominent Saudi families who fled the United States, and several other Saudis were allowed to leave the country without first being interviewed, the documents show.

The Saudi families, in Los Angeles and Orlando, requested the F.B.I. escorts because they said they were concerned for their safety in the wake of the attacks, and the F.B.I. -- which was then beginning the biggest criminal investigation in its history -- arranged to have agents escort them to their local airports, the documents show.

But F.B.I. officials reacted angrily, both internally and publicly, to the suggestion that any Saudis had received preferential treatment in leaving the country.

"I say baloney to any inference we red-carpeted any of this entourage," an F.B.I. official said in a 2003 internal note. Another F.B.I. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said this week regarding the airport escorts that "we'd do that for anybody if they felt they were threatened -- we wouldn't characterize that as special treatment." <Source>


Statement by FBI Director Robert Mueller Regarding the Joint Intelligence Committee Report Into the Terrorist Attack of September 11, 2001

The final report today released by the Joint Intelligence Committee into the events of September 11th generates constructive discussion of how the federal government can best protect America from terrorism. The FBI thanks the Joint Committee for their efforts and for its recommendations to improve the Counterterrorism efforts of the United States government. We have already implemented or are in the process of implementing these recommendations. While the report provides a snapshot of the FBI at September 11, 2001, the picture of the FBI today shows a changed organization, including:

Patriot Act Has Allowed Sharing of Critical Information Related to Counterterrorism Investigations. Changes in the Patriot Act and Justice Department policies have allowed for greater information sharing among law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The walls that inhibited the sharing of that information prior to September 11 have crumbled. Additionally, training for new Special Agents includes specific instruction on FISA, including detailed instruction on the U.S.A. Patriot Act, as well as how to use FISA and Title III effectively, in criminal versus intelligence investigations.

Improved Training. The FBI has re-designed its core training curriculum to focus on essential skills for counterterrorism investigations. Additionally, the FBI has significantly improved strategic analytical capabilities by creating the College of Analytical Studies to train new analysts and enhance the skills of current analysts to better understand the process of "connecting the dots."

Stronger Accountability. In order to ensure accountability, executive management has regularly reinforced the new priorities through regular communication to the field, through inspections of the 56 field offices, and through frequent gatherings of the Special Agents in Charge of the field offices. <Source>

Yeah Right! Fifteen years later, one finds the snapshot of the FBI’s leadership riddled with partisanship, duplicity, lying, and no accountability. Good job Mueller and Comey.

Bottom line…

Given the recent duplicity and hyper-politicization of our nation’s premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies, I am inclined to believe that, in addition to methods and sources, the government wants to spare certain U.S. officials, namely in the Bush Administration and who may still be serving, the embarrassment of disclosure; and not to interfere with ongoing Saudi relationships. Even though the Saudis are trying to cripple American oil and gas production in cooperation with Russia and return America to some degree of energy dependence on foreign energy sources.

Considering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all of the privileged Royals derive their income from the sale of oil, it is time to learn the truth and seek just compensation from the Saudis. Just as we should seek just compensation from the Communist Chinese government for their actions in causing a worldwide pandemic.

American citizens deserve to know the truth.

We are so screwed when we cannot trust our government to tell us the truth about our enemies or continues to place the wishes of members of the elite political class and their foreign special interests above the interests of American citizens.

-- steve

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