I find it ironic that the Trump/Pence campaign team despises the mainstream media, but uses it at every opportunity to advertise their anti-media position. Did someone forget the tell the campaign team that the coronavirus may make you stay at home, or suffer an illness, but it doesn't make you so stupid as to fall for fake surveys?


Even though they are stated in the form of questions under the guise of soliciting your opinion, the questions are often a reinforcing statement of the Administration’s assertions…


Do you believe the mainstream media has tried to delegitimize the crisis at our southern border?

[OCS: You cannot delegitimize a demonstrable and observable fact, you can only ignore or downplay it. There is no doubt that individuals are clamoring to cross into the United States; partly for safety reasons, but more likely for economic ones. Politicians have sowed the seeds of illegal behavior by creating attractive entitlements and an entire industry to serve the needs of illegal aliens. Pretty much why California has a disproportionate number of welfare recipients (60%) when compared to the nation’s total welfare recipients. Rewarding bad behavior only reaps more bad behavior.]

Do you trust the mainstream media to put the interests of Americans first?

[OCS: It has never been the mainstream media’s job to put America’s interests first over their own self-interests. Even in the days of our Founding Fathers, the press was virulently partisan and presented positions inline with their ideology and agenda.]

Do you believe reporters like Jim Acosta angle their questions to promote liberal propaganda?

[OCS: I do not think Jim Acosta gives a rat’s ass about progressive propaganda. He is a self-serving, self-promoting buffoon who cares more about himself and his career than he does about the questions he asks the President during a news conference. And, conversely, I believe the President, in a degree of symbiosis, uses Acosta as a foil to promote his own agenda.]

Do you trust the mainstream media to report fairly on our presidency?

[OCS: No more than I expect the President or the Administration to tell the whole truth to the American people. It is my experience that you need to consume a number of biased sources and then make your own judgements on which information is credible, which is puffery, and which is outright deceptive. For example: anything the comes out of Representative Adam’s Schiff’s mouth is most likely to be a lie, distortion, or half-truth. Knowing this allows you to consider alternate scenarios and opposite positions.]

Do you believe people like Jussie Smollett make up stories about our movement because they know the mainstream media will glorify them for it?

[OCS: There have always been “false flag” operations that are perpetrated by individuals, corporations, and the government to mislead people into believing the opposite is true. This is akin to projection where one side simply points to the opposition and accuses them, loudly, assertively, and publicly, with the very acts and behavior they themselves are guilty of.

The media will always report controversial or sensational items because it attracts the attention of an audience which results in increased revenue. Unfortunately, when the media continues to report false news, they become like the boy who cried wolf – eventually nobody believes their reporting.]

On which issues does the mainstream media do the worst job of representing President Trump? (Select as many that apply.)

  Radical Islamic Terrorism
  Pro-life values/social issues
  Health care
  Second Amendment rights

[OCS: Notice that there is not a counter-question asking on which issues does the mainstream media do the best job of representing President Trump. Which highlights an obvious question: why should the media report anything other than facts and supply contextual commentary – it is not their job to represent the President?]

Do you believe the media disdains conservatives?

[OCS: Notice no “mainstream” qualifier on the word “media” which immediately invalidates the question because the “conservative media” obviously does not disdain conservatives.]

Which do you think the media cares more about?

America’s success
Their TV ratings

[OCS: This is a tricky question. Under capitalism, the media should concentrate on profitably serving its audience and leave concerns about the greater good to the “invisible hand” of capitalism which serves to promote America’s success.]

Do you believe the media dislikes Americans of faith?

[OCS: Only because it does not attract an audience and there is always someone to complain about another person’s beliefs. Most have religious reporters, editors, and separate sections for religion.]

Do you believe the mainstream media does their due-diligence fact-checking before publishing stories on the Trump Administration?

[OCS: In the race to first capture an audience, most of the initial reporting is woefully deficient, inaccurate or misleading. The truth lags behind. Most media outlets have reduced their fact-checking departments as well as the number of editors who are needed to produce a professional product.]

Do you believe the media fails to report on Democrats’ scandals?

[OCS: No, a story is a story. They may fail to fully identify a democrat with a “D” after their name, but they do not knowingly give-up stories to their competition.]

Do you believe the media sensationalizes and exaggerates stories in order to paint President Trump and conservatives in a bad light?

[OCS: Of course the media sensationalizes and exaggerates stories to attract an audience. It is a given and the reasons reporters are usually not allowed to create their own headlines or titles.]

Do you believe that the media purposely tries to divide Republicans in order to help elect Democrats?

[OCS: No, but they report on the progressive socialist democrat’s efforts to divide Americans into factions of victimhood and then try to convince them that their grievances can only be redressed by giving the Democrats political power.]

Based on your answers above, do you believe that the Republican Party should spend more time and resources holding the mainstream media accountable?

[OCS: It depends what you mean by “accountable.” Both parties, as well as independent entities, have fact-checking operations that are not effective because facts may be facts, but they can be interpreted in a variety of contexts. So, most of the fact-checkers are little more than spinmeisters and are often as dishonest as the facts they purport to check.]

Do you agree with President Trump’s strategy of communicating directly with his supporters through Twitter, email, text messages and Facebook videos?

[OCS: They are all valid means of communicating to everyone, including supporters. There is no moral or legal restrictions on communicating non-classified information or propaganda through any available channel. No medium should have a monopoly on communications.]

Do you believe the media is biased when it covers President Trump’s stances on illegal immigration (ex: the Wall, ending Sanctuary cities)?

[OCS: It would depend on the media outlet and their editorial policy. Non-partisan studies by noted academic and journalistic institutions have proven the left-bias of many mainstream outlets. Again this is a generalization targeted at an already partisan audience.]

Do you believe the media is biased when it covers people of faith and supporters of religious liberties?

Do you believe that the media has been too quick to spread false stories about our movement?

[OCS: What movement would that be? The GOP? The Trumpeters? The conservatives? Without further definition and description, this question is meaningless.]

What percentage do you believe is an accurate representation of President Trump’s positive news coverage by the mainstream media?


Are there any other thoughts you’d like to share with the President when it comes to mainstream media accountability?

[OCS: The likelihood that President Trump or the ranking GOP leadership will see this information is 0% – 0%.

But if there were a message, it would be – Congratulations Mr. President, you have already changed the traditional communication channels of political messaging and have occupied most of the news cycle most of the time – especially with your controversial tweets. The fact that you sound like one of us and not a traditional politician works to your advantage. Unwittingly, you have become the representative of every person in speaking back to a dangerously progressively partisan political fifth column that seeks to destroy America from within on behalf of our enemies, both foreign and domestic,]

Now, this is how you use the media to send a message…  

Note: the video was created with deep-fake technology to portray the message that your opponents support you and your positions. If the video is missing or doesn't play correctly, it can be found here.

Bottom line…

Other than attempting to further engage its base by pandering to partisan positions, the primary purpose of this survey is to capture your name and contact information for further campaign messaging and especially fundraising solicitations. The “For Official Use” block with the fixed survey ID number is your first clue to the bogus nature of the survey.

We are so screwed when politicians and the media cannot tell the truth.

-- steve

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