Senate Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer’s broken record…

"If my Republican colleagues refuse to consider witnesses and documents in this trial, the president's acquittal will be meaningless. Because it will be the result of a sham trial."

“The president’s acquittal will be meaningless, because it will be the result of a sham trial that will leave a permanent asterisk, one written in permanent ink on Trump’s record."

"This country is headed towards the greatest coverup since Watergate. The President's acquittal will be meaningless because it will be the result of a sham trial."

What coverup might that be Chuck?

The coverup of President Obama’s activities while in the office?

The coverup of the politicization of our “impartial” institutions: the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSI, ODI, IRS, etc.?

The coverup of the Obama Administration’s spying on Americans? Spying on a candidate of the opposition party during a presidential campaign?

The coverup of the Russia collusion conspiracy? The Ukraine quid pro quo conspiracy?

The coverup of the criminal activities of top-ranking Obama Administration officials?

The coverup of Adam Schiff’s activities as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee? The one involving staff members and the fake "whistleblower?"

About those documents and witnesses…

Did Chuck Schumer develop a sudden case of amnesia?

Did seventeen public witnesses, plus an 18th secret Intelligence Community Inspector General witness, not testify before the House Intelligence Committee? Did the House Majority Democrats not sacrifice additional witnesses and court proceedings over subpoena enforcement in favor of a quick impeachment based on the time demands of the presidential campaign?

And, did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delay transmitting the impeachment papers to the Senate for thirty-three days in spite of claiming that President Trump was an imminent danger to national security?

Did we not witness House clerks wheeling in at least 28,000 pages of documents into the Senate Chamber?

The problem with Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer is that their witnesses and documents did not support their faux impeachment articles, perhaps because there were no underlying crimes other than the Democrat’s deceit and destruction of the United States Constitution or because the articles themselves were so weak and vague.

All to naught as President Trump fights on, and America wins over the progressive socialist Democrats and Communists…


Bottom line…

At some point, the official record must be closed before a trial. At some point, the prosecution must present their arguments, based on the record, and be rebutted by the defense. It is not an open-ended media fest that allows the participants to grandstand during an election cycle.

We are so screwed when we are represented by the likes of sh*ts like Schiff and Schumer.

-- steve

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