The Bronx Bolshevik versus the Billionaire Bloomberg…



Yada, Yada, Yada … major crosstalk and yelling… the moderators lost control several times and seem ill-prepared to moderate a presidential debate …  funny, they talk about creating wealth and do everything they can to destroy wealth creation with confiscatory taxes and policies … it all devolves into playing the race card to attract the Black South Carolina vote. Biden wants to put a Black woman on the Supreme Court.

These radical fools continue to attempt using the U.S. response to the coronavirus as an attack on Donald Trump, rather than pointing out the failures of Communist China.

The NRA continues to be used as a straw man argument. Funny, politicians on both sides of the aisle take their money – some while disrespecting the Constitution’s First and Second Amendment.

Nobody seems able to fight back against Sander’s positions because they are all progressives and believe much the same thing.

About interfering in foreign elections – Sanders called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “a reactionary racist who is now running that country.”

The scariest line comes from Bernie Sanders When asked what his motto would be, he cites Communist Nelson Mandela: “Everything is impossible until it happens.” Truly scary if any of these candidates become the President of the United States or holds the House of Representatives and takes the Senate.

Again, President Trump won the debate. Among the candidates, Sanders maintained his lead and easily won the debate while looking absolutely “red-faced, gesticulating, radical crazy” Bloomberg was more lively, but did not really inspire. Biden feigned anger, apparently to disguise his weakness in debating. The rest are nullities. The race has become Bernie, Bloomberg, and Biden.

One of the scarier things is that the worst thing that these communist fools can think of is not their radical destructive far-left views, but the reelection of Donald Trump and the House and Senate turning Red.

Bottom line …

More communism = less freedom (President Trump = 0.0)



If these progressive communist democrats take the Presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, it truly will be a chaotic Schiff Show and we are screwed.

-- steve

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