The joke going around Washington concerns three “smartphone” application developers that were bidding on a new voting application for the Democrats.

The first developer, a subsidiary of a major defense contractor and based in McLean, Virginia, submitted a low bid of $100,000 knowing that additional change contracts would be worth another $900,000.

The second bidder was the IT subsidiary of a large tractor maker from India and they bid $50,000 just to get a foot in the door.

The third bidder was little more than a post office box at a Democrat-connected Washington, D.C. law firm and their bid was $4,050,000.

Of course, the Democrats accepted the $4,050,000 bid – with $2,000,000 going to their friends, pocketing $2,000,000, and giving $50,000 to the IT team from the Indian tractor manufacturer.

It appears that someone, as yet unknown, may have screwed up a rather trivial secure “smartphone” reporting application that was to aggregate and report the results of the Iowa caucuses. Or, if you believe the conspiracy theorists, a deliberate screw-up to allow the Democrats to “tell the story” their way and point to chaos and confusion that need only last a few media cycles until the next round of votes is counted — allowing Biden to avoid a media storm as a public failure, and Sanders from becoming the communist face of the Democrat party. And, grudgingly conceding air time to President Trump for his State of the Union speech before Congress.   

Allegedly, the problem is being attributed to a Democrat-led start-up company known as “Acronym” whose subsidiary “Shadow” was tasked to develop the voting application. Anti-Trump technocrats who think they are smarter than everyone in the room and think technology will trump passionate emotions in getting out and managing the Democrat vote.

ACRONYM is a nonprofit organization committed to building power and digital infrastructure for the progressive movement.

ACRONYM is a values-driven organization focused on advancing progressive causes through innovative communications, advertising and organizing programs. Since its creation in March 2017, ACRONYM has run dozens of targeted media programs to educate, inspire, register, and mobilize voters, and has worked with dozens of partners to accelerate their advocacy programs and investments.

In 2018, ACRONYM and its affiliated PAC, PACRONYM, helped elect 65 progressive candidates across the country with new tech and digital-first strategies to register and turn out voters. In January 2019, we invested in Shadow, a tech company focused on enabling organizers to run smarter campaigns. ACRONYM is also an investor in Courier Newsroom, a digital-first local media company and Lockwood Strategy, a digital strategy firm.

[OCS: It appears that ACRONYM altered their website after the Shadow’s IOWA debacle and replaced the word “launched” with “invested in.” <Source>]



We are campaign and technology veterans who have built and implemented technology at Hillary for America, Obama for America, Google, Kiva, Apple, the AFL-CIO, and the DNC.

Our passion is to create a permanent advantage for progressive campaigns and causes through technology.


When a light is shining, Shadows are a constant companion. We see ourselves as building a long-term, side-by-side “Shadow” of tech infrastructure to the Democratic Party and the progressive community at large. <Source>

Is this a joke?



Bottom line…

Another cover-up?

While the mainstream has their tracking polls that can determine not so much who won but who may have definitely lost, the Democrats continue to bury the collapse of Joe Biden’s campaign, the primacy of Bernie Sanders and the ascendancy Pete Buttigieg over Elizabeth Warren. But, almost everyone agrees – the big loser was Biden.

With the Democrats, the truth is like an onion -- you peel it back layer-by-layer watching the bystanders cry.

We are so screwed if these anti-America clowns rise to power.

-- steve

P.S.  In my world, you could have given a couple of my friends a case of beer, a few bags of chips, some loud music -- and four hours later you would have a tested, secure, and working app, front-end and back-end, that could count 2000 vote tallies

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