With California’s so-called “jungle primary” legislation (Proposition 14 – passed June 2010) which makes it unlikely for independents and only the strongest Republicans to appear on the general ballot, and the automatic motor-voter registration (AB 1416 – October 2015), the progressive socialist Democrats in California want to exploit their numerical superiority by demanding everyone vote – or face an as yet undefined penalty or fine.

Proposition 14 (Effective January 1, 2011)

Instead of allowing each political party to hold a primary election open to just its members (and independent voters, if the party chooses to do so) to determine its candidate for the general election, Proposition 14 creates a single primary ballot that would be identical for all voters. All candidates running in the primary election, regardless of their political party preference (if any), would appear on that ballot. The two candidates with the most votes would then qualify for the general election, regardless of which party they identify with (if any). Proposition 14 specifically prohibits write-in candidates in the second round.

AB 1461 (10/10/15 -- Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 729, Statutes of 2015.)

Provides for every eligible voter to be automatically registered to vote when that person conducts specified business with the DMV, unless the voter opts out. 

AB 1407 (02/26/18 -- Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 4, Statutes of 2018.)

Building upon past legislative efforts, AB 1407 would give 16 and 17 year-olds the opportunity to pre-register to vote. Voters who are engaged early, are much more likely to become consistent voters and active citizens, something that is vital to the continued success of California.

[OCS: What’s next? Perhaps noting that many illegal aliens do not check the right box to “opt out” of voter registration, when can we expect another progressive piece of legislation to pre-register illegal aliens to vote if California legislation changes in the future. Of course, this information will be withheld from any federal agency enforcing the immigration laws of the United States.]

Enough is enough -- but not apparently for Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-San Rafael

The progressive socialist democrats in California are now enslaved by the California oligarchs in Silicon Valley, the corrupt public employee unions, and the special interests who simply buy their preferred legislators to carry their boneheaded and idiotic legislation.

Compulsory voting?

AB 2070 – (02/14/20 – Committee on Elections and Reapportionment)

This bill would require a person who qualifies and is registered to vote to cast a ballot, marked or unmarked in whole or in part, at every election held within the territory within which the person resides and the election is held. The bill would require the Secretary of State to enforce this requirement. <Source>


In a majority Democrat state, with an overwhelming number of illegal aliens, you solve the problem of turning out your majority vote by demanding that all registered voters vote or face an unspecified penalty as yet to be determined by the California Secretary of State -- who is likely to be a progressive socialist democrat.

Think of this as a democracy tax if you decline to vote. Just the bureaucracy that would be needed to enforce this idiotic and asinine legislation is unwieldy. Oh, I forgot, it will probably be assigned to California’s super-efficient (NOT!) Department of Motor Vehicles who have difficulty issuing REAL-ID compliant licenses in a timely manner.

Bottom line…

Progressive socialist democrats will do everything in their power to maintain perpetual power in this formerly Golden State.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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