It appears that the race for the 2020 presidential nomination may come down to a communist, Bernie Sanders, and a clown, Joe Biden …

No winners and the real loser was the American citizen.


I wonder how many decent, hard-working Americans are wondering what happened to the Democrat Party …

The top issues

Constitution – continue weakening the U.S. Constitution by appointing activists judges who do not uphold inalienable rights and those granted by the Constitution, especially the First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments. That may politicians are willing to violate the Constitution’s equal under the law provisions to confer special privileges and perks to certain classes of people is outrageous. The idea that historical grievances trump the law is both illegal and immoral.

Security of the United States – starting with former president Jimmy Carter, the father of Islamo-Fascism, moving to former president Bill Clinton, the corrupt president that allowed North Korea to go nuclear, to former president Barack Obama, the father of a stronger, more militant Iran, the Democrats are still looking to weaken the U.S. military and spend that “peace dividend” on their social programs. The current crop of nominees has decried the elimination of one of the top terrorists in the world, once again providing they cannot be trusted with the safety and security of the United States.

Jobs and the economy – all of the candidate support extreme spending on global climate change and other initiatives that would literally bankrupt the United States with expenditure far exceeding revenues and burdening each American citizen with a debt loan that amounts to involuntary servitude to the state.

Healthcare – all of the candidates support a version of a single payer plan which would kill the existing Medicare, eliminate private insurance and place everyone, illegal aliens included, under a state-run program that looks similar to Medicaid. A welfare program where all healthcare would be rationed by segmented identities and provide for those who provide for the state over senior citizens.

Law enforcement – continuing to denigrate and weaken law enforcement, allow violent criminals to roam our streets, and to incarcerate and release felons on the basis of race until the prison population reflected the same proportion of that race in the general population.

Immigration – all of the candidates would negate U.S. sovereignty and open our borders to almost any individual that wants to emigrate into the United States, including those who cannot be vetted and have criminal, terrorist, or adverse medical backgrounds.

Increasing authoritianism – to enforce these unpopular position with their dangerous outcomes would demand a larger government, higher confiscatory-level taxes, the surrender of individual freedoms and choices, and an increasingly strong government force to enforce these unwelcome programs. Do not delude yourself into thinking that democratic socialism is not the same as early-stage communism.

There is no doubt in my mind that allowing Democrats to take office at the local, state, and federal levels is a clear and present danger to all Americans.

Bottom line…


It appears that the candidates were more inclined to attack and demonize President Trump rather than expose the lies of each other and their dangerous policies. The one question I wanted to ask: why the inner cities, governed by democrats, are still cesspools of illiteracy, poverty, disease, and crime after the expenditure of trillions of dollars over the years, should not be used to judge corrupt Democrat policies?

The debate appears tailored for an Iowa audience. If I had to hazard a guess why the candidates did not go after each other, it is because Iowans hate discord and might penalize the combatants. People wondering why race was not debated, consider that Iowa is 90.28% White and only 3.51% Black. Likewise, there is an estimated 3% of illegal aliens in the state. 

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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