There is no doubt in my mind that, should the Republicans take over the House and retain the Senate, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), along with members of his staff, should be investigated and prosecuted for their conspiracy to materially damage the national defense of the United States, and more specifically, perjury, suborning perjury, fraud, and manufacturing materially false evidence.

The time for investigation and evidence gathering is over. If the House Democrats impeached the President with insufficient or faulty evidence, it is not up to the Senate to continue the work of the House to remedy deficiencies in their case.

“There’s going to be new evidence coming out all the time. And if this is conducted like a fair trial, then that new evidence should be admitted. If it’s relevant, if it’s probative, if it sheds light on the guilt or innocence of the president, then it should be admitted. It will be hard, I think, for the senators to ignore new and probative evidence.. What are they gonna say? We’re not going to look at that. We don’t want to see it. We’re going to close our eyes and close our ears and just pretend it didn’t happen or we didn’t learn this fact?”

There is no doubt that between now and the election, politics will turn toxic. Perhaps with communist-inspired and led demonstrations from Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or other communist front groups.

What do all these things have in common?

  • Support for the "Death to America" chanting Iranian mullahs.
  • Police state spying, government-manufactured evidence, and bully-boy tactics.
  • Charges of racism, sexism, and 'phobias to curtail free speech.
  • Communist front-groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
  • Reverence for communist dictators and thugs like Hugo Chavez.
  • Passes for ethic gangs lime MS-13.
  • Self-avowed communists like Bernie Sanders.
  • Massive Clinton-style corruption that is ignored by the government.
  • No cash bail required, releasing criminals into the streets, and tickets for stealing $950 or less.
  • Setting $950 prosecution "stay out of jail"  on the theft of property.
  • Theft of your hard labor and wealth redistribution to other politically corrupt groups.


Bottom line…

The country is being held hostage by a rogue House majority who has proceeded in a one-sided star chamber impeachment, demanding a speedy process for the specific intent to politically influence the 2020 election, failing to call relevant witnesses nor permit the Republicans to call their own witnesses -- such as the so-called whistleblower who started the entire proceeding with questionable behavior. If the Senate were to act in a fair and impartial manner, governed by the Constitution, they must reject the House procedure and dismiss the impeachment.  

Fair-minded Americans should realize what is happening to our country and that the revolution that Bernie Sanders speaks about is underway with the Democrat Party at the forefront. We are about to lose our country to the delight of the communists and Democrats, now much the same thing.

We are screwed.

-- steve

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