After a well-presented Republican defense of the President of the United States, we find three Republicans (Bolton, Kelly, and Romney) attempting to throw a monkey wrench into the Democrat-driven impeachment proceedings…


all while Donald Trump, President of the United States, and Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, offer a historic Israel/Palestinian solution featuring safety, security, and economic development for the Palestinians.

As the Senate impeachment is proceeding, President Trump is rolling along – holding rallies with record audience turnout and achieving historical results – proving that the Democrats and many members of the Administration are irrelevant.

Why the Democrats and their RINO cohorts need to remove President Trump or cripple his Administration…

Trump is doing what all of these political poohbahs could not achieve, even given their decades of effort. 

Once again, the key to the Middle East Palestinian problem is being offered to the Palestinians.

It remains to be seen if the thugocracy will accept the necessary conditions: recognize Israel’s right to exist, denounce state-sponsored terrorism, and demilitarize the terrorist-run Gaza strip. 


Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu of the State of Israel in Joint Statements

It’s been a long and very arduous process to arrive at this moment.  On Sunday, I delivered to Prime Minister Netanyahu my vision for peace, prosperity, and a brighter future for the Israelis and Palestinians.  This vision for peace is fundamentally different from past proposals.

In the past, even the most well-intentioned plans were light on factual details and heavy on conceptual frameworks.  By contrast, our plan is 80 pages and is the most detailed proposal ever put forward by far.

As I have seen throughout my long career as a dealmaker, complex problems require nuanced, fact-based remedies.  That is why our proposal provides precise technical solutions to make Israelis, Palestinians, and the region safer and much more prosperous.

My vision presents a “win-win” opportunity for both sides, a realistic two-state solution that resolves the risk of Palestinian statehood to Israel’s security.  Today, Israel is taking a giant step toward peace.  Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu informed me that he is willing to endorse the vision as the basis for direct negotiations — and, I will say, the General also endorsed, and very strongly — with the Palestinians.  A historic breakthrough.

Continue reading the remarks here

Read the plan here.


The thugocracy that rules the Palestinians with an iron fist will likely refuse to give up some of their power and the billions stolen from the Palestinian people.

Bottom line…

Once again, we see the reason why the Democrats cannot be trusted to protect and defend the United States Constitution and the safety and security of America and all Americans. No wonder why they are hell-bent on damaging or displacing  President Donald Trump.

Why disgruntled employees like Bolton, Kelly, and Trump are attacking Trump is there for all to see – they are jealous of someone who they believe is their intellectual and moral inferior — made more acute by Trump’s continued achievements. In essence, they are selling their own competing brand of self-serving bullshit.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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