There is little or no doubt that most progressive socialist democrat environment activists believe that the ends justify the means, fair or foul. Hence it is no surprise when they abandon the scientific method and research that cannot be replicated in favor of over-hyped dystopian scenarios designed to advance a progressive socialist agenda.

Hence, there are three unproven assumptions that color all research funding, and consequently, the results of many studies.

Anything "natural" is always a superior state.
The environment is "fragile" and thus needs protection from humans.
Human interventions in any environmental processes are significantly damaging unless created, managed, and monitored by progressive activists.

All resulting in the creation of problems, issues, and matters that must be urgently addressed lest they result in a planetary emergency or catastrophe.

And, that the remedy is always individual and organizational behavior modification through public policy, even when such public policies are clearly threatening to individual citizens and commerce. Namely, public policies that promote larger government, higher taxes, stricter regulations, and the curtailment of individual freedoms and choices.

Thus, research is used by the progressive socialist democrats to justify a  multiplicity of public policies that always seem to point away from inalienable rights, individualism and capitalism toward totalitarianism and collectivism. With liberal allowance for political activities that support a feedback loop between corrupt politicians and self-serving special interests that seek to access the public treasury or create rules and regulations that favor their various enterprises.

Unfortunately, the media, in all forms, has been corrupted by politics and corporate interests and can no longer be relied on to explain issues in an unbiased manner and that the divide between journalist-driven news and commentary has become almost non-existent.

Subversion starts with language and definitions. Take, for example, the simple concept of environmental stewardship, an ethical concept where individuals and organizations take the responsibility for the maintenance and preservation of natural resources. Nobody wants polluted air, land, or water, yet the corrupt politicians often devise ways to allow gross polluters to continue their harmful and odious practices by purchasing government-sanctioned indulgences, permission to pollute in exchange for tax revenues or fees, campaign contributions, voter support, or media attention.

As an example of disingenuous intellectual dishonest, consider that the very last thing progressive socialist democrats want is low-cost, clean, sustainable, reliable, and abundant energy. For with abundant energy comes economic growth and higher standards of living. And with prosperity comes fewer needs for politicians to manage the real or imagined scarcity which underlies their political power.

Bottom line...


We are so screwed,

-- steve

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