While most adults are anchored in place by family, finances, and other circumstances, perhaps it is time to take another look at mobility and freedom, especially if you can influence younger Americans.

Here in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, we have a progressive socialist democrat majority in state government that is doing everything in their power to limit the ability of its residents to move freely about the state or travel to other states. Attempting to use public policies to push residents into highly-concentrated, and more controllable, population centers dependent on union-controlled mass transit. From refusing to repair, replace, or build-out freeways to the creation of a multi-billion dollar train whose route goes nowhere essential, will never pay for itself, is not high-speed as promised, and is little more than a union make-work project. All paid for by taxpayers who are funding democrat politicians who are using their money to gain or maintain political power.

There have been numerous studies showing states, counties, and municipalities governed by progressive socialist democrats are poorly run, rife with corruption, and in general, impose a staggering social and financial burden not found in states governed by Republicans.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, “Blue State Redistribution: High-tax states are losing people, money, and seats in Congress,” the Wall Street Editorial Board found that corporations and individuals are on the move.

Blue State Redistribution
High-tax states are losing people, money and seats in Congress

The Census Bureau and IRS last week also released state population growth and income migration data for 2018 that show the exodus from high-tax to low-tax states is accelerating. Four states have lost population since 2010 including West Virginia (-3.3%), Illinois (-1.2%), Vermont (-0.3%) and Connecticut (-0.2%), but 10 experienced declines last year. New York was the biggest loser as a net 180,000 people left for better climes. Over the last decade New York has lost more of its population to other states (7.2%) than any other save Alaska (8%), followed by Illinois (6.8%), Connecticut (5.6%) and New Jersey (5.5%).

Hmmm, what do these states have in common? Large tax burdens and politically powerful public unions. Illinois’s property tax rates are the second highest in the country after New Jersey. The state lost $5.6 billion in adjusted gross income last year to other states, about twice as much as in 2012. Notably, income outflow hasn’t increased from Michigan or Wisconsin.

Bottom line…

If you look at the charts, you will see that more than individuals are leaving certain states, corporations and their jobs are also moving. If this trend continues, the key to survival will be mobility, the ability to follow the jobs, and improved living conditions. Perhaps it is now time to caution children and young adults about the accumulation of “stuff,” which can also impede mobility as you no longer own your things, but they own you.

The demographics make a strong case against the progressive socialist democrats. So does common sense and a sense of patriotism.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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