Pardon me! The Constitution of the United States affirms my inalienable rights, limits the power of the federal government, and provides that all individuals are treated equally under the law. It is not a weapon that can or should be turned against the American people by allowing a very small minority of vocal activists to drive the media narrative and to drive legislation by corrupt politicians pandering to a coalition of geeks, freaks, and perverts.

In my America, we do not fete lawbreakers and denigrate those who have taken an oath to protect us – even at the cost of their lives and continued family happiness…

SF Pride members move to ban Alameda County Sheriff’s Office from parade

San Francisco Pride members are looking to ban the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office from marching in their annual parade, in a move attributed to the department’s enforcement of an eviction order against Moms 4 Housing last week.

[OCS: Why would any rational society, operating under the rule of law, tolerate a motley group who broke into a private residence, trespassed on private property, refused a lawful order to vacate? Shouting “human rights not property rights” does not allow you to confiscate someone’s property – even in communist countries.]

The LGBTQ group’s amendment for the Sheriff’s Office, which passed Wednesday evening, is in addition to resolutions to exclude tech giants Google and YouTube from the festivities. The East Bay deputies were singled out as the only law enforcement members who were unwelcome to march in the June parade, though members said discussions about other agencies are ongoing.

In a Thursday tweet announcing the resolution, SF Pride member Laurence Berland said he was “absolutely infuriated” by how the deputies used “militarized” force to remove a group of homeless mothers from a West Oakland home. A judge ruled that the women had to leave the home, which they had moved into without permission from the owner, Wedgewood Properties.

[OCS: I can just picture the activist stamping his feet and running to the nearest microphones and cameras with his prepared press release condemning the cause du jour.]

The eviction resulted in the arrests of three mothers and one supporter who had refused to leave. The eviction became a flash point in a larger housing crisis discussion, in a city that saw a 47% increase in homelessness in just two years. <Source>


[OCS: Is this your America?]



[OCS: Democrats in action.]       

There is little doubt we live in strange times…


And, let us not forget the perversions of Democrat-dominated Hollywood…

Dolittle: Cinemagoers in shock over climactic scene involving constipated dragon

“The climax of Dolittle is literally him pulling bagpipes out of a dragon’s clogged a**hole, after which a polar bear voiced by John Cena exclaims ‘teamwork makes dreams work,’” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

In case anyone was worried that this tweeter was fabricating the moment, other viewers expressed their shock over the scene's inclusion on social media.

“There is an actual scene where they encounter a dragon and have to perform emergency surgery by going up its ass and removing bagpipes,” someone else wrote, with another adding: “Wtf did I just watch.”

“I don’t care that this is a spoiler, but Dolittle ends with him pulling a lodged bagpipe out of a dragon’s anus (that seriously happens, I’m not joking), don’t take your kids to see that movie!” <Source>

Bottom line…

I am tolerant of the viewpoints of others, but certainly resist that this is the face of an idealized America – governed by the “woke" Democrats and their coalition of geeks, freaks, and perverts. This is tyranny by the minority in the name of “tolerance” and supported by groups whose politics mirror the anarcho-communists.

Definitely, not my America.

How woke do you have to be before you discover you are morally and ethically broke?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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