The 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump stands impeached in the House of Representatives on both counts: abuse of power (230 ayes, 197 nays, 1 present, 3 not voting) and obstruction of Congress (229 ayes, 198 nays, 1 present, 3 not voting).

This is a move that cannot be undone and shall forever stain the legacy of President Trump and the legislative legacy of the House of Representatives.

This can be summed up as dangerous and reckless lawlessness as the President has not been accused of breaking a single federal law.

Unbelievable, the progressive socialist Democrats keep bleating nobody is above the law, but this is an optical illusion…

You control the axis of rotation by the very way you look at the rotating figure.


When does altered reality become truth?




Here is the man who conspired with the non-whistleblower who initiated the impeachment hearing. The very same man who refused to name the whistleblower and then deemed their testimony unnecessary when the conspiracy was revealed…


But rather than expose the optical illusion of fairness and justice, Adam Schiff refused to appear before the Judiciary Committee to present his report and to stand for questions.

Bottom line…

If there were any abuse of power, it was the progressive socialist democrats engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow a duly-elected President of the United States.

This entire system of laws have been overturned -- you are no longer considered to be innocent until proven guilty, you are assumed to be guilty until YOU prove your innocence. If you cannot match the resources of the prosecution, you will be guilty. Guilty as if you lived in a dictatorship or communist country. We are allowing the Democrats to destroy our laws, levying charges so broad they can mean anything, making uncorroborated allegations into credible charges, making hearsay into evidence, and allowing the verdict to be decided by the mob. We are so screwed.

The progressive socialist democrats must be held accountable in the 2020 election.

-- steve

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