Sometimes you get an email pitch for something that is not only stupid but maybe deadly to attempt…

I Laughed When My Attacker Pulled Out A Gun...

[OCS: This is one of the oldest direct mail headlines in existence. It comes from the original “They laughed when I sat down at the piano -- but when I began to play…”  It was written by advertising expert John Caples for the U.S. School of Music and is often noted as one of the most effective ad headlines of all time.

The truth is that there is nervous laughter which telegraphs your fear – and then there is stupid laughter which may anger your assailant.]    

"Don't you dare move! Hand over your wallet, NOW!" <redacted link>

A hooded figure emerged from behind me waving his black .44 magnum, waiting for my reaction.

But all I did was bite my lip. I wanted to laugh.

Not only did this fool still have the safety switch on... but he had no idea he was begging for a death-wish by asking me to reach my arm out toward his hand.

[OCS: There are very few .44 magnum semi-automatics around, so it is probably a revolver, and most revolvers do not have external safeties unless they are customized by a gunsmith. Just screwing up this one issue gives me pause to reconsider the rest of their advice.]

Little did he know that handing over my wallet would put me in close enough range to execute the 3-Point Death-Touch.

[OCS: Sounds like science fiction and something Star Trek's Mr. Spock would execute.]

Now, I'm no trained fighter. And I've only mastered this technique just recently.

[OCS: Coincidently, the longer sales pitch is signed Frank Bell – who is touted in other products as a martial arts expert. Same guy? Who knows? But why trust your safety or that of your family to some schmuck off the street?]

But if a move can dismantle an enemy in 5 seconds without needing years of training to master it... then who needs to buy firearms?

[OCS: Perhaps we should tell our law enforcement people they are doing it all wrong. They are taught that anyone holding a knife within 7-yards (approximately 21 feet) is a deadly threat. And, if you point a gun in their direction – even by accident, deadly force is authorized.]

It makes sense why Kung Fu masters are trying to ban this short video that shows how it's done.

[OCS: Why would Kung Fu masters try to ban this video – it makes no sense. If anything Kung Fu masters spend a lifetime telling their students to avoid conflict rather than embrace it. And, even the most proficient master is not likely to recommend that their students engage an armed assailant unless it is an existential threat. Give them what they want, it’s not worth your life. Better yet, avoid dodgy areas and people.]

It's the surefire way to flip the script on your attackers, making them run for their safety.

[OCS: Even with professionals, there are no “surefire” methods that work on everyone. Especially someone “juiced on PCP” or other drugs.] 

Just like what happened in this "botched" robbery.

Here's what ended up happening... <redacted link>

As soon as I got in close enough to hand him the wallet, it was lights out for him.

[OCS: Consider the strength and skill it takes to actually render an assailant unconscious. Now ask yourself if you remember your NAVY SEAL training? Oh! You’re not a SEAL, DELTA, or a special operator – time to reconsider.]

In 5 seconds the gun was in my hand with the robber on the pavement on all four limbs, begging to be let go. Which I did after the cops arrived.

[OCS: If you are holding a gun when the cops arrive – they just may shoot you and think the person on the ground is the victim. Learn how to interact with the police for their safety and yours.]

This is the kind of power you get when you discover the secrets in this video. Watch it here before it gets removed. <redacted link>

But be warned: I'm not sharing this to inspire you to go buy a cape and become your city's own Batman, even though you certainly would be powerful enough...

[OCS: Yeah right! Drive through a “gang” neighborhood and re-evaluate this stupidity.]

I'm sharing it because now with these secrets, you'll never have to feel helpless or fear for your safety when confronted with an attacker.

[OCS: False confidence and overestimating your abilities can get you seriously DEAD or injured.

Watch the video here. <redacted link>

Want to see the video, it can be found on YouTube here.
Want to read the pitch for $37 “Family Self-Defense System” video? -- it can be found here.
-- And, if you really want the product, wait for the “one time” special price pop-up as you leave the page.

“The Lazy Man’s Training Method That I Developed That Allows You To Master Devastating Moves Even While You Are Just Watching Tv!”  -- The marketeers used another famous ad line, this time from Joe Karbo’s famous “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Riches.” Unfortunately, when it comes to your life, lazy doesn’t cut it.

Bottom line …

If you believe any book, recording, or video can give you the skills to cope with a life-threatening attack, you are delusional. If you lack the strength, flexibility, and coordination to perform in awkward positions, you are in grave danger. And what about those unexpected events, like your wife smacking you accidentally in her panic or your children running toward you or the assailant?

If you do a Google search and see many positive reviews – even ones using the word “scam” – it is probably a program or product sold through affiliate marketing links and offering the same program through multiple sources.

The key to self-defense is:

Prepare for adverse encounters.

Don’t just purchase a firearm, train with it weekly and be prepared for the consequences of killing someone – perhaps even a family member by accident. Try shooting at night without hearing protection – and you will find that you are blinded and deafened after the first shot. Prepare for it with training, not just thinking about it. Purchase special ammo that will not penetrate walls and doors. Think about an assailant wearing body armor.

The best self-defense system for homes is strong doors, secured windows, and loud alarm systems. And, training family members to seek safe spaces or leave the area.

Maintain situational awareness at all times. Don’t visit dodgy neighborhoods, flash cash or jewelry, be aware of your surroundings. Especially when entering your car, garage, and home.

While most localities have criminalized the use of formal weapons such as police-style telescoping batons, there is usually nothing illegal about carrying a golf club, baseball bat, or using a screwdriver as a substitute for a knife.

Most people who purchase these products are “information junkies” who collect information to make them richer, stronger, more productive, more attractive to the opposite sex – and wind up with a hard disk full of useless crap.

Take a class. Ask a cop. Don’t just read a book, listen to a podcast, or watch a video.

Best of luck.

-- steve

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