Before our eyes, the Democrat Party has been infiltrated and seized by radical socialists, just a politer name for the more hated, but more descriptive, communist brand. How can this possibly be?


Communism has been normalized to the point that we no longer see the internal clear and present danger to the existence of our exceptional America.


What is accepted as the normal limits of acceptability has now shifted leftward so that the radical far-left communists are within the window of respectability.

Compounding the problem …

Our laws are being used against us. And the most extreme example is the destruction of parental authority in the name of child welfare.

Progressive educators no longer educate, they indoctrinate.

History is no longer taught or is taught using textbooks that minimize the horrors of socialism and communism.

Books are not burned nor banned; they simply disappear from public libraries and school reading lists.

Multiculturalism, political correctness, and moral equivalency muddles or eliminates the true meaning of totalitarianism.

People are so occupied with their electronic devices that they no longer observe their surroundings and minimally participate in real-world activities.

Petty people turn into petty bureaucrats and then into petty tyrants without pushback.

People accept convenience over safety and security; willingly watch their inalienable rights erode in the name of a more civil society.

Much of progressive America has gone insane: disarming law-abiding citizens and releasing criminals from prison – all to balance the numbers to support the myth that anything that happens to a class of individuals must be in proportion to their percentage representation in the general population.

Risk has been transferred from those executives who run major financial institutions and corporations to the public through lobbyist-crafted legislation. Executives have no problem paying record fines while neither admitting nor denying the  allegations – knowing their customers or the public will pick up the tab. The same applies to politicians who exempt themselves from the criminal laws they impose on others, hide behind constitutional rulemaking,  are allowed to retroactively cover wrongdoing when discovered, and have ethics committees which are impotent.

All marinated in a progressive media that has abandoned journalistic ethics in favor of corporate agendas, turning news into commentary and burying or ignoring “objectional stories.” The idea that CNN or MSNBC could rival Pravda, Russia Today, of Al Jazeera in pumping our propaganda and misinformation would have unthinkable in the past.

Bottom line…

I think the answer lies with the baby boomers (1946 – 1964) who were indoctrinated into progressive politics and passed along their changing values to children who lacked any frame of reference. And, when these children obtained some degree of bureaucratic or political power, they brought their dislike for America and tolerance for socialism along with them. In a sense, the Russians played the long game, with the help of a complicit Hollywood and media, and they prevailed in changing the character of America – at least in New York, California, and Washington, D.C. – with more states to follow. Not to be overlooked, those – including businessmen, politicians, and bureaucrats who profited mightily from the drug trade which decimated hundreds of thousands of individuals without firing a shot.

It is time to fight for an exceptional America and our constitution. A good start would be curtailing the political power of Democrats.


We are so screwed.

-- steve

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