You can’t make this stuff up.

The clueless progressive democrat socialists that rule California with an iron hand believe that redesigning the State’s homepage will help rebuild trust in California State government. Absolutely unbelievable, might I say delusional in this one-party socialist state where illegal aliens and gang members are treated better than ordinary law-abiding citizens, where the state imposes severe penalties on those who want to protect themselves from the armed crazies and criminals who roam our communities, released by the progressive socialist democrats as an act of compassion. Or, to be honest, to reduce the number of black and Hispanic criminals in our jails in order to cater to their political base and an upcoming election. It is like someone made a political calculation, the progressive socialist democrats are having trouble convincing Californians to adopt crazy, fantastical public policies that are destined to fail –- so change the people with individuals who lack the capacity to realize they are being scammed and deprived of their inalienable rights and freedoms.


Alpha Team’s Mission: Redesign Homepage, Rebuild Trust

The team has just weeks to design a new, user-friendly homepage for the entire state that can be adopted by other departments and agencies. But its larger goal is to help rebuild trust in California state government.         

[OCS: It is intuitively obvious that the way to rebuild trust in California State government is to reform the government’s corrupt and egregious behavior – not build a pretty website that further lulls Californians into accepting self-destructive public policies that have turned our formerly Golden State into a socialist petri dish that is rapidly approaching third-world standards.]

A small team in a nondescript office in the heart of California’s capital is looking to shake up how government interfaces with residents through a sweeping redesign of the state’s homepage,

The group of 10, a mix of state employees and civic tech experts, has a very small window of time — 12 to 14 weeks to be exact — to fully develop what is being called “Alpha,” a new version of featuring better functionality and improved access to services. The site is already live, being built piece by piece with real-time feedback from real-world users.

The California team is expanding on lessons learned during the rollout of Gov.UK and the work of the United Kingdom Digital Service (UKDS), considered a gold standard for user-centered gov tech. Angelica B. Quirarte, the digital engagement lead at the California Government Operations Agency (GovOps), said the UKDS provided the fledgling team insight into how to prioritize items to meet the delivery time window.

[OCS: Has anyone noticed that the seat of California’s state government is in close proximity to Silicon Valley, the acknowledged center of the tech universe. So why would California’s political leaders want to model technology that engages citizens based on a quasi-socialist and failing country that ceded its sovereignty and rule-making authority to the unelected international poohbahs located in Brussels, Belgium?]

“At the end of the 12 weeks, I’d like to have a functional alpha website that has gone through the eyes of actual users that will allow us to tell the stories of why content design and user research matter when it comes to developing websites or just digital services in general,” Quirarte told Government Technology. “We need to move away from websites and into realizing that this is a new era in how government needs to function.” 

The new has been designed using Bootstrap, a front-end website component library that is already in use by agencies and departments across the state. With an for these institutions to draw from, a website standardization can be implemented across the state.

“This is part of that overall reconceptualization and reinvigorating the relationship between Californians and their government and rebasing it,” Wilkening said. “ should really be an embodiment of what that relationship looks like and it should be the place where people come to find out about California government, where they come to find out about services, how they access those services, ultimately it should be the place where they’re coming to apply for those sorts of benefits.”

[OCS: What political bullpucky. The average Californian has little or no reason to trust the progressive socialist democrats who govern California in a cloud of darkness that favors select special interests who kickback campaign funding and voter support to its favored politicians. The people be damned.]

Quirarte said even if the alpha site doesn’t function as initially imagined, the team’s work to rebuild trust between Californians and their government through an open and transparent design process will prove to be success enough. The group will have identified what Californians care about and how they want to interact with their government, she said.

[OCS: Open and transparent is always the promise of California’s political establishment. It never happens, but it does make a good talking point.]

Alpha is for learning and even if I fail, if we fail, that’s still a lesson learned and someone else can pick it up and take it forward,” Quirarte said. “... We’re in it to do the work, we’re in it to make a difference and that’s what we’ve committed to do and we’ll do our best.”

[OCS: In California politics, failure is always an option, in fact, it is the prevalent mode.]

The team plans to post a weekly blog, daily Twitter updates and to showcase its real-time work on GitHub to gather additional viewpoints from the public. Progress on the Alpha is being closely watched by government officials in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Colorado who are looking to give a user-focused makeover to their websites, as well.

[By all means, roll-out California’s experiment to other progressive states to ensure uniformity of look, function – and, of course, CONTROL!]


Bottom line…

Want to recalibrate Californian’s trust in their elected officials and unelected bureaucrats? Start doing the right thing: stop the flow of illegal aliens, jail criminals, build out our freeways and utility infrastructure. And, of course, stop the profligate spending on union- and special interest- projects like a medium-speed train to nowhere important.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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