Like the progressive socialist democrats who want to blame guns for the actions of malicious individuals, it appears much the same is going on in the debate over climate change and superstorms. Once again we find politicians screaming that the sky is falling and we are facing a planetary emergency. Often citing “super storms” that wreak havoc on communities and cost hundreds of millions or billions in damage.

What they are loath to say is that one of the significant reasons that damage costs are exponentially rising is that homes are being built closer together, the building methods have changed, and then there is the pesky inflation that deflates the value of construction dollars and increases the cost of labor and materials.

But what you never hear is corrupt politicians taking responsibility for much of the destruction. Taking campaign money and bribes from developers to relax zoning restrictions and building codes in areas of predictable harm. Gambling with their constituent’s lives against the odds of a random superstorm – euphemistically labeled a 100-year or 500-year event.

Predictable results …

This relaxation of standards, much like the highly-touted CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards designed to improve the average fuel economy of cars light trucks vans and sport utility vehicles, has resulted in death or serious bodily injury to hundreds of thousands of individuals. In the case of vehicles, primarily through the automakers replacement of heavy steel structural components with lighter weight aluminum, plastic, and rubber to reduce vehicle weight and improve gas efficiency. And, in weather situations by placing buildings in the path of known climatic events such as tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc.

The fact that you can purchase insurance to rebuild or restore your property does not mitigate the danger of living in a known hazardous area. The fact that many residents believe they can escape the ravages of natural disasters by relocating applies only to the wealthy – and those who have prepared for that eventuality. Some rationalizing their actions by noting that this is a secondary or vacation residence likely to be occupied outside of storm season. Of course, that only adds to the premium costs of those individuals outside of this recognizable risk pool.

An example…

30 years after Hugo tore it down, SC coast builds back in the danger zone

Hurricane Hugo didn’t stop development projects on hazard beaches


Litchfield Beach, SC

[OCS: Even with concrete pilings, steel skeletons, roof reinforcement, and raised platforms, these homes remain at risk during storms.]

When Hurricane Hugo hit Georgetown County 30 years ago, the big storm pounded a barren sand spit at the south end of Litchfield Beach, chewing up dunes and eroding the oceanfront, before cutting through South Carolina on a trail of destruction.

At the time, no one said much about Hugo’s impact on the narrow spit because not much was there.

Then in the late 1990s, construction workers arrived on the property, building the first grand home in a row of new oceanfront houses. Today, about three-dozen houses perch precariously on the sand spit, between the Atlantic Ocean on one side and a tidal creek on the other. Some are fortified by an unapproved seawall, built as protection from the rising seas.

The story of south Litchfield is a familiar one in South Carolina three decades after Hurricane Hugo ripped the state. Despite causing $7 billion worth of damage on Sept. 21-22, 1989, Hugo did little to discourage new or more intense development on many stretches of the state’s coast.

In places where small beach cottages once stood, magnificent new houses have been erected. Tidal creeks just off the oceanfront are booming with development. And in some vulnerable spots, high-rise condominiums tower above the ocean.

All this is occurring as sea level rises and more powerful storms lash the coast, and as S.C. legislators dismantle regulations to control coastal development.

[OCS: One might think that these legislators who are all-in on the potential ravages of global climate change, would have something to say about rising sea levels, more powerful storms, and building in hazardous areas. But, they are too busy feathering their nests with campaign funds from developers – and even worse, most may believe that climate change is what it is: a scheme for political power and a perpetual single-party government.]

The coastal buildup is a big issue for an array of reasons. It’s potentially dangerous because more people are living in the path of storms and rising seas, but building too close to the coast also threatens to pull money from the pockets of taxpayers. When people lose homes, condos and hotels along the coast, the federal government often winds up bailing out wealthy property owners through insurance, beach renourishment funding and emergency services.

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Bottom line…

Sometimes you cannot help build in areas with unlikely risk factors such as earthquakes, but you do not authorize the build-out of a high-rise residential or commercial office building next to a known earthquake fault.

There comes a time when politicians need to be held responsible for their actions that result in adverse outcomes for “We the People.” And if individual politicians who are long out of office or dead cannot be held accountable, then their political party.

There is no doubt that short-term thinking, based on election cycles, is causing havoc with our country. It is time to stop the nonsense BEFORE it leads to disaster.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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