While touted by politicians, bureaucrats, and the media as an honorable and capable man, we have every reason to believe that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have been a figurehead of a Trojan horse ridden by rabid partisans such as Andrew Weismann and Aaron Zebley.

It was apparent from the day of his appointment by Rod Rosenstein that Mueller was horribly conflicted, having relationships with individuals and agencies who could be considered co-conspirators in a silent coup d'état to defeat candidate Donald Trump, and when that failed, to remove President Donald Trump from office. And, upon hiring rabid anti-Trump prosecutors, the handwriting was on the wall.

Since Robert Mueller’s report that was written by some of the most anti-Trump partisan legal professionals that could be found, many with records of egregious prosecutorial misconduct and possibly criminal behavior, are we to believe that anything will change with the long-touted report from Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the United States Department of Justice?

A man touted by the very same politicians, bureaucrats, and the media who assured us the Mueller was an honorable and capable man. And, ignoring the historical performance of most Inspectors General to minimize damage to their respective agencies and write reports that result in slapping the wrists of selected agency employees. Especially since the Inspector General lacks the power to do little more than discover and investigate waste, fraud, and abuse of government procedures in a single agency – and whose findings appear in a report, not criminal indictments.

So what if the Horowitz Report finds that DOJ and FBI procedures and protocols were violated and that criminal behavior may have occurred. Like Mueller’s report, the Horowitz report contains a prosecutor’s allegations which have not been challenged or tested in a court of law. Will the DOJ bring these people before a grand jury or indict them is an open question given that any such effort is likely to take place under the purview of whoever is elected in 2020.

Bottom line …

While we may find out more about the relationships and the inner workings of the cabal, to hope that participant’s like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, and others will be indicted, tried, and imprisoned is wishful thinking. In fact, the only thing likely to happen is a deeply conflicted and conspiratorial Congress is expected to pass “protective” legislation with additional loopholes and semantic escape clauses.

Ask yourself why, if Hillary Clinton’s actions, including perjury, destruction of documents, and obstruction of justice, have been dissected in the media, why is she still traveling around the world telling Americans how to live their lives and commenting on political affairs? A just outcome would be to give her and Bill a three-room apartment in New Jersey and a stipend of $60,000 per year – about as close to jail as they might ever get.

I think that the Mueller report portends nothing but bureaucratic bafflegab and more partisan rancor.

What can be done is to remove those corrupt Representatives in the House who promoted this historic debacle and who continue, to this day, to participate as co-conspirators in a silent coup.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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